The remote control button no longer works, what to do? (2023)

Nothing happens when you press a button on the remote. Sometimes you have to press the key too hard or repeatedly for the command to work. And unfortunately, sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the button is definitely out of order. In fact, dirt, accumulated dust or electrical interference can cause a remote control button to fail.

But luckily, there are simple tips that are within everyone's reach to find a fully functional remote control. That's what we'll see today when we find out:What should I do if the button on my remote control stops working?first let's seeHow to check if the error is really the buttonon the remote. then we will seesome tips to fix a button on the remote control yourself.

Check the signal transmission from the remote control buttons

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first attemptReplace old batteries with new ones if a button on a remote doesn't work or isn't working properly. This is because the signal strength sent from the remote to the TV decreases when the batteries are low. This makes it more difficult to reach the TV receiver and therefore respond to commands. This is even more true when multiple buttons on the remote are unresponsive or having issues.

(Video) How to Fix Any TV Remote Not Working Power Button or other Buttons, Not Responsive, Ghosting

If changing the batteries did not help, it will be necessaryMake sure the fault is really the stubborn button and not a more general issue with the transmitter or receiver.To do this, you need to check that when you press the button on the remote control that has stopped working, no infrared signal is transmitted to the TV. This manipulation must be done with a smartphone, since infrared pulses are not visible to the naked eye. This is the procedure to follow:

  1. Open the camera of your smartphone
  2. Place the front of the remote towards the lens of the phone
  3. Press the button on the remote that no longer works. Then watch on the screen of your smartphone if a light appears at the level of the LED.
  4. Then press the other buttons on the remote and also see if a light comes on.
Note: Be careful, this technique only works with remote controls that use infrared technology. The signal is not visible on Bluetooth remote controls.

When the LED lights upAt the moment when you press the broken button on the remote control, the fault is most likely in the receiver, and therefore in the TV.

If the LED is not onwhen you press the HS button, or it lights less than when you press the other buttons on the remote, then theThe error comes from the button not working correctly on your remote. In that case, you can continue with the following troubleshooting tips.

How to fix a button that no longer works on a remote?

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(Video) How To Repair Remote Control Buttons That Don't Work

AndThe button on your remote control no longer works,easy to useand accessible to all, they allow in most cases to find a state of operation of the latter. These manipulations should be doneStandard TV remote controls(doesn't work on Apple remote for example).

Note: If yourThe remote control is under warranty., do not proceed with the disassembly, otherwise you may lose your rights. Please contact the customer service of your remote control brand for a free replacement or repair of the faulty device.

Clean remote control button

AndA button on the TV remote no longer works, first you needclean. In fact, when using your remote control, dirt, dust or even grease (food or sebum) can stick under the buttons and prevent proper contact. So when you press the button, dirt clogs the contact, current does not flow, and therefore the signal is not sent to the TV.

How to delete the button that no longer works on your remote, Do the following:

1 / Remove the batteries from the remote controlRemove the small hatch.

(Video) How to Fix Any TV Remote | Not Working Power Button or Other Buttons, Not Responsive.

2 / Remove the remote control.Be careful when disassembling, even if the parts are few, imagine how they are located and how they fit together. When reassembling, they must be put back in the same place.

  • If your remote has screws, unscrew the fasteners. Then remove the small clips with a thin object (such as nail clippers or a hard plastic blade) to pry between the two component parts of the remote. The screws are usually hidden under the batteries or in another place. Please check the entire remote control carefully.
  • If your remote does not have a screw, you will need to pry it loose by prying the two parts that make up the remote.
Note: In addition to screws and clips,Sometimes the two parts of the remote stick together. In this case, handling is more delicate and requires the use of a flat screwdriver. Insert it gently through the slot and slide it until it comes loose. 

3/ Clean the contacts of the printed circuit(rigid plate to which the components are welded) and thekeyboard(flexible rubber piece that comes into contact with the printed circuit when the button is pressed). The cleaning focused on the contacts of the remote control buttons, which no longer work.

To properly clean, here are thefollow advice. You can use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the circuit board. Be careful not to use alcohol on the rubber part as it may come off too much. This is especially true for certain remote controls that have a slightly blackened material on the rubber part that should not be removed because it is conductive. It is better to use cleaning cloths such as optical cloths or dry with a soft cloth.Gently cleans without rubbing. Reassemble the remote and test if the manipulation worked. If not, detach the remote again and go to step 4.

4/ Apply graphite to the rubber part. Use a grease pencil for this. Rub the lead on the conductive graphite grease bar. Then apply the powder to the rubber part at the level of the stubborn or faulty button. If it's too much, blow it out. Then reassemble the remote and test the functional status of the button that no longer works.


The following video perfectly describes the procedure to clean a TV remote control button that no longer works:

Insert a piece of aluminum under the broken remote button

This technique can be surprising, and yet it works in the vast majority of cases. in fact whenThe button on your remote does not work, may come from aelectrical faultand that the current no longer flows at the level of the key contacts. Therefore, the information that should be transmitted to the TV when the button is pressed is no longer transmitted. If you have to press the button too hard for the controller to respond, you are probably in this situation.

Aluminum has a very high electrical conductivity.. This allows contact to be reestablished. To insert the aluminum under the broken remote control button and restore it to work, do the following:

(Video) Apple TV Remote volume to TV suddenly stops working EASY FIX

  1. Disassemble the remote control to access the printed circuit board(see step 1 and 2 of the previous part).
  2. Cut a small piece of aluminum (household aluminum works well).
  3. Use tape or super glue to stick it behind the button on your remote that no longer works. You can stick it on the circuit or on the flexible part, whatever. However, be careful that the button does not protrude (either the tape or the aluminum) and does not come into contact with nearby circuitry.
  4. Reassemble the remote and test the button in question.

Replace faulty remote

yes despite everythingThe button on your controller still doesn't work, that is unfortunatelymalfunction. This is due to a failure of one of its internal components or its HV circuit.

If your remote isUnder warranty, to connectCustomer serviceDial for free device repair or replacement. butwithout access to guaranteewhich is the simplestBuy a universal remote. These have the advantage of working with most TV brands. So you can keep it even if you change TV. Also, they are often cheaper and easier to get.

While you wait to get a new working remote and if the bad button is a problem for you, you can control the TV from your smartphone by downloading onevirtual remote control app.

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