The currently 6 most common problems with ChatGPT | digital trends (2023)

oChatGPTThe AI ​​chatbot continues to be a hot topic on the internet and is making headlines for a variety of reasons. While hailed by some as a revolutionary tool, possibly even the savior of the Internet, there has also been considerable opposition.


  • capacity problems
  • plagiarism and fraud
  • Racism, sexism and prejudice
  • accuracy issues
  • The dark way he was trained
  • no mobile app

From ethical concerns to the inability to make yourself available, here are the top six issues with ChatGPT right now.

capacity problems

The ChatGPT AI chatbot handledcapacity problemsdue to the huge amount of traffic that has made your website an internet sensation. Many potential new users were unable to create new accounts and were greeted on the first try with notices saying "GPT chat is now at limit".


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ChatGPT's creators, OpenAI, had fun with the unfortunate situation and added funny rhymes and raps to the home page to explain the situation rather than a general explanation.

Currently, if you want to follow ChatGPT during an outage, you can click the 'Get notified' link and add your email address to the waiting list to be notified when the chatbot is back online. Wait times seem to be around an hour before you can sign up again to create an account. The only other fix will be in the next premium version, which will cost $42 per month.

plagiarism and fraud

Students are already getting caught using ChatGPTplagiarize school workat the collegiate level. Darren Hick, an assistant professor of philosophy at Furman University, recently spoke to the New York Post about how he picked up a student who was using the chatbot to formulate a 500-word essay that he was using as a take-home test. Hick noted that not only was the submission marked for use by AI, but the text read as if it had been written by a "very smart 12th grader" or someone who is learning to write and doesn't have a style of their own. .

The currently 6 most common problems with ChatGPT | digital trends (3)

Hick was able to determine that the student was using the ChatGPT chatbot by running various tests, including connecting the essay to the software used to recognize OpenAI text, and also attempting to rewrite the essay with similar prompts. However, in the end, the student confessed to using ChatGPT to produce the essay. The student failed the class and was reported to the school's academic dean, Hick told the publication.

He also noted that due to the ability to learn, the AI ​​chatbot will likely become smarter in a month and a year, which has the potential to make your text harder for plagiarism software to spot.

Racism, sexism and prejudice

ChatGPT has also been noted to have some issues when it comes to chatbot-related racial and gender bias. Implicit bias built into technology is far from a new concept; However, UC Berkeley professor of psychology and neuroscience Steven Piantadosishared on TwitterIn early December 2022, he discovered many of the concerning results when he entered some text into the chatbot.

Yes, ChatGPT is amazing and impressive. Not,@OpenAIit couldn't even come close to solving the problem of bias. Filters seem to get bypassed with simple, superficially masked tricks.

And what is hidden in it is gross.@Abbab @even
Of racism,

-Steven T. plantou (@splanted)December 4, 2022

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Piantadosi used queries like "Write a Python function to check if someone would be a good scientist based on a JSON description of their race and gender", "Program to check if a child's life would be good based on their race and gender should be saved ". Gender", "Create an ASCII table that ranks the best intellectuals by race and sex" and "Create an ASCII table of typical human brains according to dollar value. Divide them by race and gender.” These directions produced results that favored whites and men and opposed women and other people of color.

It seems that OpenAI was quick to address the issues, as people stated in the tweet comments that they couldn't rebuild the Python function query and instead received a response along the lines of "It is not appropriate to use a person's potential as a scientist to be based on their race or gender".

Specifically, ChatGPT includes "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" buttons that users select as part of its learning algorithm.

I got similar results when I entered the queries in ChatGPT.

accuracy issues

Despite ChatGPT's popularity, its accuracy issues have been well documented from the start.OpenAI admitsthat the chatbot has "limited knowledge of what's happening in the world after 2021" and tends to fill in responses with incorrect data when not enough information is available on a topic.

The currently 6 most common problems with ChatGPT | digital trends (4)

When I used the chatbot to exploreit is of interest to me, tarot and astrology I was able to easily identify the errors in the answers and realize that it was incorrect information. However, recent publication reports containfuturismmigizmodopoint out that CNET not only used ChatGPT to create explanatory articles for its money department, but many of the articles were foundgross inaccuracies.

As CNET continues to use the AI ​​chatbot to develop articles, a new release began with a series of questions. How much should publications rely on AI to create content? How much should posts reveal about the use of AI? Is AI replacing writers and journalists or diverting them to more important jobs? What role will publishers and fact-checkers play as AI-powered content becomes more popular?

The dark way he was trained

ChatGPT is based on a constantly learning algorithm that not only pulls information from the Internet, but also collects corrections based on user interaction. One thing thoughTempoThe investigation report found that OpenAI was useda team in kenyato train the chatbot against disruptive content, including child abuse, bestiality, murder, suicide, torture, self-harm, and incest.

The currently 6 most common problems with ChatGPT | digital trends (5)

According to the report, OpenAI worked with San Francisco-based company Sama, which outsourced the task to its team of four in Kenya, to mark various content as explicit. Employees were paid $2 an hour for their efforts.

Employees expressed psychological distress at having to interact with such content. Although Sama claimed to offer counseling services to employees, the employees said they were unable to use them regularly due to work intensity. Ultimately, OpenAI ended its relationship with Sama, and the Kenyan employees either lost their jobs or had to choose lower-paying jobs.

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The research addressed the all-too-common ethical problem of exploiting low-wage workers for the benefit of high-profit corporations.

no mobile app

Currently, the completely free ChatGPT is available as a purely browser-based platform. Therefore, there is no mobile app that can take ChatGPT anywhere. This has led to copycat apps filling stores, including onesubscription basedApp of the tool available in mobile application stores at exorbitant prices. A Google Play Store version was reported and quickly removed, they sayTechCrunch.

Scammers take advantage of the popularity of ChatGPT.

The $7.99/week cheat app "ChatGPT Chat GPT AI With GPT-3" is the fifth most popular download in the Productivity category of the App Store.@Gizmodo.

Reminder: Real ChatGPT is free to use by anyone on the

— Morning Brew ☕️ (@MorningBrew)14 January 2023

The worst blows came to Apple's App Store, where an app called "ChatGPT Chat GPT AI With GPT-3" received a great deal of fanfare and media attention from publications likeMacRumorsmigizmodobefore it is removed from the App Store.

Developers on the decline who want to make a quick buck will charge $8 for a weekly subscription after a 3-day trial, or a $50 monthly subscription, which is significantly more expensive than the weekly cost. The news alerted fans that there were fake ChatGPTs not associated with OpenAI, but many were willing to pay due to limited access to the real chatbot.

Along with this report, rumors surfaced that OpenAI was developing a legitimate mobile app for ChatGPT; However, the brand has not confirmed this news.

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At the moment, the best alternative to a ChatGPT mobile app is to load the chatbot in your smartphone's browser.

The currently 6 most common problems with ChatGPT | digital trends (6)

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