Physician Assistant - Internal Medicine Practice - NEMG in Milford, Connecticut | Yale New Haven Health (2023)

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy.","QUESTION":{"1":"Test FAQ Question 1","2":"Test Recommendation Question 2","3": "Test references Question 3","4":"Test referral question 4"}},"TABS":{"SEARCH_REFER":"Find and refer jobs","SEARCH":{"BUTTON":"Search for vacancies"},"INFO_BLOCKS":{"SUB_TITLE":{"1":"Do you know someone who would be a good fit for you?","2":"Track their progress through the hiring process."}," TITLE" : {" 1": "1. See","2":"2. Track"},"CONTENT":{"1":"It is true that the pain itself is very important, it is treated by a sad Elitr, but diam nonumy eirmod eirmod because torment and pain was great for some, but diam voluptiva . But I will sue her for real and just two pains and I will take her back. Stet clita kasd gubergren, no sea of ​​takimata is sacred, let pain itself be kissed. . But I will sue her for real and just two pains and I will take her back. Stet clita kasd gubergren, no sea is sacred. "Thank you."}},"LEARN":{"BUTTON":"find out more"},"ABOUT":"About","REFERRALS":"Your Referrals"},"MAIN":{"BANNER":{"TITLE":"Welcome back, {{fname}} {{lname}} ! ","HERO":""}},"TALENT_COMMUNITY":{"JIBE_INPUT - STATE-PLACEHOLDER":"State","JIBE_INPUT-PREFERRED-SKILLS":"Preferred skills","JIBE_INPUT-JOB_CATEGORY":"Job category","DEPENDENT_ERROR_PHONES":"Both value and type are required for telephone fields", " " JIBE_INPUT- NON_COMPETE":"Not competitive with your current employer?","JIBE_LABEL-SELECT_AN_OPTION":"- select an option --","FORM_ERROR_UPLOADING_FILE":"Error uploading file, please try again","JIBE_INPUT- LAST_NAME-PLACEHOLDER ":"Last Name","JIBE_INPUT-GENERAL_CONSENT":"I agree to share my profile with recruiters and receive occasional emails about new career opportunities. 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","CAMPAIGN_UNSUBSCRIBE_SUBHEADER":"You have unsubscribed from all email notifications.","JIBE_INPUT-PHONE_NUMBER":"Phone Number","JIBE_INPUT-EXPERIENCE_LEVEL":"Years of Professional Experience","JIBE_INPUT-HEADLINE":" Title " ,"JIBE_INPUT-CONTACT_TIME_EVENING":"Evening","JIBE_INPUT-PHONE_NUMBER-PLACEHOLDER":"Phone number"},"OMP":{"LOADING":"Loading results that match your profile...","RECOMMENDATIONS_NONE_SUBHEADER " : " To attemptUpgrade your skillshave new proposalsstart a new job search."},"CAP":{"ADD":{"QUESTION_SET":"Add experience","ADDITIONALWORKEXPERIENCE":"Add additional work experience"},"SHOW-MORE":"Show more","TOGGLE": { " PROFILE":"Profile","APPLICATIONS":"Applications"},"BUTTON":{"UPDATE_PROFILE":"Update Profile"},"UPDATED":"Updated","CAREER_CENTER":{"BANNER_IMAGE": "","DASHBOARD":{"DISCOVERY_IMAGE":"https://cms.jibecdn. com/prod/jibeapply/assets/CAP-CAREER_CENTER-DASHBOARD-DISCOVERY_IMAGE-en-us-1655330563746.png"}},"PERSONAL_INFO_TAB_HEADING":"Personal Information","SHOW-LESS":"Show less","EMPLOYMENT_HISTORY_TAB_HEADING" : " " Work History","PROFILE":{"EMPLOYMENT_HISTORY":{"TAB":"Employment History"},"SKILLS":{"CV_PARSING_PROGRESS":"Continue parsing...","NEW":{" ADDED " :{" SKILLS":"New skills added"}},"NO_SKILLS_SUBHEADER":"Start building your skills profile","NO_SKILLS_DESCRIPTION":"Before we can find a suitable job, you need to add some skills. 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We can't find any skills to add to your profile.","NO_SKILLS_DESCRIPTION":"We may find new skills if you update your resume.","CANCEL_SKILL_ADDITION_LABEL":"Cancel Adding Skills","HEADER":"New skills have been removed from your resume!","PARSED_SKILLS_DESCRIPTION":"{{ numParsedSkills }} suggested skills","SUCCESS_DESCRIPTION":"The selected skills have been successfully added to your profile.","ERROR_DESCRIPTION":"All skills we have be able to extract your resume are already in your skills profile.","SELECTED_SKILLS_DESCRIPTION_EMPTY":"0 skills selected","DESCRIPTION":"We found {{ numSkills }} skills that you don't have in your profile. Click on a skill that you think belongs to you.","ALL_SKILLS_SELECTED_MESSAGE":"All skills have been selected as shown above","PARSED_SKILLS_LIST":"Parsed Skill List","ERROR_HEADER":"Oops! We couldn't find any new skills.","SELECTED_SKILLS_LIST":"List of selected skills","ADD_SKILLS_TO_PROFILE_LABEL":"Add {{ numSkills }} skills","SUCCESS_HEADER":"Congratulations, your skills profile has been updated!" ," CANCEL_ADDITION_LABEL ":"Cancel adding skills"},"CV_PARSING_DESCRIPTION":"Check hidden skills in your profile."},"UPDATED":{"SUCCESSFUL":"Profile successfully updated"},"SETTINGS ":{" TAB " : "Settings"},"PERSONAL_INFO":{"TAB":"Personal information","PHONE":"Phone","EMAIL":"Email","LAST_NAME":"Last name","LOCATION_PREFERENCE" : " Work Location Preferences","PHONE_TYPE":{"LABEL":"Phone Type","WORK":"Work","CELL":"Mobile","HOME":"Home"}, "FIRST_NAME": " Name"} ,"EMAILS":{"TAB":"Email and notifications"},"VALIDATIONS":{"DATE":{"MIN":"Please enter a date after { {date}}.", " MAX " :"Please enter a date on or before {{date}}.","INVALID":"Please enter a valid date."},"PHONE" :"Please enter a valid phone number.","REQUIRED " : "This field is required.","EMAIL":"Please enter a valid email address."},"EDUCATION_HISTORY":{" TAB":"Education history"},"SAVE_CHANGES":"Save changes"," CONTINUE " : " Next","UNSAVED":{"CHANGES":{"MESSAGE":"There are unsaved changes. 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I prayclick hereto return to the dashboard.","SUBTITLE":"The page you requested no longer exists."}},"EDUCATION_HISTORY_TAB_HEADING":"Education history","NOTIFICATION":{"CLOSE":"Close"}, "ARTICLE " :{ "BACK":"Back"},"APPLIED-ON":"Applied:","APP-DETAILS":"Job Details","SEARCH-JOBS":"Job Search","ON ": {" ROLE" :{"EDIT-2":"click here","LOCATION":"located in","EDIT-1":"If your information is incorrect, please","JOB-TITLE " :" You bent" , "MAILTO-SUBJECT":"Career Opportunity Location_ Profile Change Request","MAIN":"

Nice to meet you.👋


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","TITLE":"Let's get started with your profile!","GREETING":"Hey","MAILTO-BODY":"Hello,%0D%0A \n%0D%0A\nSince I just joined Test957 I became Career Place opportunity, my profile doesn't seem to have the correct information.%0D%0A \n%0D%0A\nInformation submitted:%0D%0A \n%0D%0A\nCorrect information: ","EDIT-4 " : "We're sorry, your profile information cannot be edited at this time. Please contact an administrator if you believe any information is incorrect.","EDIT-3":"to contact us.","MAILTO-ADDRESS":""}, "CAREER ":{"GROWTH" : {"MEDIA":"Physician Assistant - Internal Medicine Practice - NEMG in Milford, Connecticut | Yale New Haven Health (1)","TEXT":"Underline your strengths with yourscompetence profile"},"VISIBLE":{"MEDIA":"Physician Assistant - Internal Medicine Practice - NEMG in Milford, Connecticut | Yale New Haven Health (2)","TEXT":"Realize your potentialvisiblein the company"}},"VALUE_PROPOSITIONS":{"TITLE":"Take responsibility for your career development"},"SUGGESTED-SKILLS":{"IMG":"Physician Assistant - Internal Medicine Practice - NEMG in Milford, Connecticut | Yale New Haven Health (3)","DIALOG":{"BUTTON":"Display a suitable vacancy","TITLE":"Your selection allows us to match vacancies to your profile.","CONTENT":"Let's have a look!" } ," TEXT -1":"Add skills to your profile to get job opportunities","TEXT-2":"Here are the most popular skills for the position","SUBMIT-BUTTON":"Choose more {{ numberOfSkills }} skills " ,"TEXT-3":"Choose the skills that suit you! You can also add to or change your profile later on the platform."},"INTERNAL":{"OPPORTUNITIES":{"MEDIA":"Physician Assistant - Internal Medicine Practice - NEMG in Milford, Connecticut | Yale New Haven Health (4)","TEXT":"Show companyinternal capabilities"}},"WELCOME":{"MEDIA":"Physician Assistant - Internal Medicine Practice - NEMG in Milford, Connecticut | Yale New Haven Health (5)","TITLE":"Ready to boost your career progression?","CONTENT":"Welcome to Opportunity Career Place!
\nWe developed this solution to support your growth at SEQUOIA.
\nWe are happy that you are starting a new journey with us.
\nBut first, let's hear a few words from colleagues who have successfully achieved their goals!","NEXT-BTN":"Next","MEDIA2":""},"JOB":{"RECOMMENDATION":{"MEDIA":"Physician Assistant - Internal Medicine Practice - NEMG in Milford, Connecticut | Yale New Haven Health (6)","TEXT":"Understandrecommendation for workthat suits you"}}},"FAQ":{"MORE_BUTTON":"MoreFAQs","HEADER":"Frequently Asked Questions"},"APP-WITHDRAW":{"BUTTON_CONFIRM":"Payout","DIALOG_BODY " :"Are you sure you want to withdraw your application for the position?{{function}}? This cannot be undone.","NOTIFICATION_FAILURE":"Your application cannot be withdrawn","NOTIFICATION_SUCCESS":"You have withdrawn your application","BUTTON_DENY":"Do not withdraw","TITLE":"Withdraw registration " , "TEXTAREA_LABEL":"OPTIONAL: Please explain why you are withdrawing"}},"TEST":{"TOKEN":"Test token."},"AUTH":{"ERROR":{"ORG ":{ " NOT" :{"FOUND":"No organization found (wildcard)"}},"USER":{"NO":{"REGISTER":"The user is not registered, please try another user."}}, " DEFAULT " :"Unexpected error, please try again"}},"ONBOARDING":{"PRIVACY":{"HEADING":"Privacy Policy","PARA":"

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application data


This website may collect sensitive personal information as a necessary part of applying for a job. Information is collected to support one or more job applications or to connect you with future job opportunities. This data is stored and retained for a standard period of 12 months to help find job opportunities or improve the user experience for additional applications. The data from each application is transferred to the applicant management system to guide the application through the recruitment process.
\nYou have the right to access, update, delete, export or restrict further processing of your application data. To exercise these rights, please send us an email
\nTrack conversions
\nWe store anonymized data about referrals to the job site, which is used to measure the effectiveness of other service providers in finding applicants.

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Consent and privacy

","COOKIE_CONSENT_BUTTON_DENY":"Decline","APPLY_CONSENT_DECLINE":"Decline","CLOSE":"x","APPLY_CONSENT_ACCEPT":"Accept","PIXEL_TRACKING_CONSENT_TEXT":"Want a cookie?","THIRDPARTY_CONSENT_BUTTON_DENY" : " Decline","THIRDPARTY_TRACKING_CONSENT_TEXT":"Anonymized data is retained for referrals to the career site, to track successful searches leading to applications, to measure the effectiveness of the partner in sourcing applicants and finding jobs. Use anonymized data to improve your experience on our site.","COOKIE_CONSENT_BUTTON_ACCEPT":"OK","THIRDPARTY_CONSENT_BUTTON_ACCEPT":"Accept","CONSENT_BUTTON":"Accept","COOKIE_TRACKING_CONSENT_TEXT":"Accept Used website cookies for continuous improvement the candidate experience and all interaction data we store from our visitors are anonymous. Read more about your rights to ourPrivacy Policypage."},"CRM":{"ISHIRED_FILTER_YES":"Yes","ISHIRED_FILTER_LABEL":"Current Employee","VIP_NAME":"VIP","SEARCH":{"TITLE":"Search"}," GROUP_LABEL":"Group","CANDIDATE_DETAIL":{"REFERRALS_DETAIL":{"SUBHEADER":{"REFERRER":"Recommendation"}},"MAIN":{"INVITE_TO_JOIN_HEADER":"Invitation to Education"}," HEADER ":{"REFERRALS_TAB":"References"},"BACKGROUND":{"PROFILE":{"MAIN_SECTION_BASIC_INFO_INELIGIBLE_LABEL":"Marked as prohibited until","CONTACT_UNSUBSCRIBED":"Cancelled","CONTACT_SUBSCRIBED":"Subscribed"} , "ACTIVITY":{"HIRING_STATUS_DATETIME":"Date/Time"}}},"SETTINGS":{"RECRUITER_MANAGEMENT":{"FORM_INPUT_ATSID_HELPER_TEXT":"In Recruit, these are located in the top left corner of the user's profile. Also found on the People report page under \"Reporting & Advanced Options - General\" as \"System ID\".","FORM_INPUT_ATSID_PLACEHOLDER":"iCIMS System ID"}},"PIPELINE_LABEL": "Pipeline", " RESULTS_TABLE ":{"CURRENT_ROLE_HEADER":"Current Role"},"ADD_EDIT":{"ELIGIBILITY_INFORMATION":{"COUNTRIES_TITLE":"Which countries?","FLUENT_TITLE":"Fluent"}," SOCIAL_LINKS":{ " TITLE" :"Websites"}},"SCORE_LABEL":"Score","CANDIDATE_AUTH_LABEL":"Candidate Verified","PIPELINES_LABEL":"Pipeline","ISHIRED_FILTER_NO":"No","REFERRAL_SOURCE_NAME" : "Referral Source " , " CANDIDATE_GENERATED":"Generated candidate","CONSENT":{"TEXT":"CONSENT_VERSION={1.0.0}\n

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\Nuser authentication\N


\n This website stores personal data, especially email addresses, as a necessary part of user registration. This data is stored during the lifecycle of the user profile and enables user authentication.\n


\Nuse analysis\N


We store anonymized usage data to measure and improve the effectiveness of this CRM application in filling vacancies and managing talent communities.\n


\NEmails to candidates\N


We collect your personal information such as name and email address. This information is used when you send marketing or contact emails to candidates.\n\n

\Nclick herefor a link to our privacy policy."},"RECRUITER_GEN_LABEL":"Generated by Recruiter","RECRUITER_GENERATED":"Generated by Recruiter","JOB":{"RECRUITER":"Recruiter","HIRING_MANAGER":"Hiring Manager " }},"DATEPICKER":{"JANUARY":"January","JUNE":"June","MAY":"May","OCTOBER":"October","TODAY":"Today", " DECEMBER":"December","FEBRUARY":"February","SEPTEMBER":"September","NOVEMBER":"November","SELECT_YEAR":"Choose year","MARCH":"March","AUGUST " :"August","JULY":"July","APRIL":"April"},"FAVICON":" - 1616422014754 .png","HEADER":{"NAV_LOGO_LINK":"/","NAV_LOGO_IMG":" png " },"EVENTBRITE":{"EVENTS":{"TITLE":"Upcoming events"},"NO-EVENTS":{"TITLE":"Sorry, no upcoming events."}},"SIGN UP " :{"GROUP":{"PERSONAINFORMATION":{"LABEL":"Personal information"},"EMPLOYEE SEARCH":{"LABEL":"Employer is looking for"},"SKILLS":{"LABEL":"Skills " } ,"WORK HISTORY":{"LABEL":"Employment History"},"EDUCATIONHISTORY":{"LABEL":"Educational History"}}},"COMPLETE":{"TRACKING_PIXELS":""},"PROFILE " : { " NO_COMPLETED_APPLICATIONS":"You have not completed any applications","UNABLE":"We were unable to retrieve your submitted applications. Try refreshing the page.","LOGOUT_ERROR":"An error occurred while logging out. Please try again.","MANAGE_PROFILE":"Manage Profile","HEADER":"User Profile","COMPLETED_APPLICATIONS":"Completed Applications"},"KENEXA":{"ERROR_MESSAGE":{"QUESTIONS":{ " 328 ":"Username/email not recognized. Please check the spelling and try again."},"FORGOTTEN":{"16":"The answer to your security question cannot be shorter than 50 characters.","211":"Your new password cannot be the same as a recently used passwords.","212":"Password cannot be the same as username.","243":"You have attempted to change your password twice within 24 hours. For your security, password changes are only allowed once a day. 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If so, click the Forgot password link to reset your password.","315":"Your password may not be the same as your login email address.", "319":"Your password must be at least at least one of the following special characters: {}[],.<>;:'\"?/|`~!@#$%^&*()_-+= .","320":"Your password must be between 8 and 25 characters.","322":"Invalid security question.","327":"Your username cannot contain the following characters: < >.", "404":"The answers you provide will be does not match the answers to your security question. Please try again."","428":"Security questions and answers must be unique."},"LOGIN":{"202": "This email address/password cannot not found in the system." ,"203":"The account has been locked due to too many invalid login attempts. Please try again later.","204":"Login succeeded, but password must be reset.","205": " The requested page is inactive or does not exist."}},"SECURITY":{ "ANSWER":{"LABEL":"Security Answer"},"QUESTION ":{"1" :"What is the name of your first school?"","2" :"Where is your favorite vacation spot?"" ,"3":"What is your mother's maiden name?","4":"What was your first pet's name?" , " 5":"What was your first car?","6":"What was your first pet's name? favorite restaurant?","7":"What was your paternal grandfather's name?","8":"What is your father's middle name?","9 ":"In which city did you go to your first school?" ,"10":"What was the name of the street you lived on when you were 5 years old?", "LABEL":"Security question"}},"RESET" :{"SUBMIT":"Reset password","HEADER": "Reset password"}},"JIBE1_ERROR ":{"AP107":"New password cannot be shorter than 8 characters." ,"AP106":"Enter the correct current password.","AP109":"The new password must contain at least one lowercase letter (a-z).","AP108":"The new password cannot be longer than 20 characters. 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Please reload the page and try again. : "No City","No_COUNTRY":"No country","JOB_ALERTS":{"TOGGLE_ALERT":"Sign up for job alerts","DELETE_MODAL_TITLE":"DELETE CONFIRMATION","NO_ALERTS":"No job alerts " ,"CONFIRMATION_SUCCESS_SUBTEXT":"Check your inbox for jobs with the following keywords starting tomorrow","ERROR_NETWORK_SUBTEXT":"Sorry, our network is not responding. Please try again later.","DELETE_MODAL_PROMPT":"Are you sure you want to delete this job alert?","ERROR_EMAIL":"Email is empty or invalid","MANAGER_HEADER":"Saved job alerts","CONFIRMATION_SUCCESS" : "Your job alert has been successfully created.","ERROR_NETWORK":"Your job alert has NOT been created."},"VERIFY_LOGIN":{"HELPER_TEXT":"

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Please take a moment to join us and access recruiters, job opportunities and events.","HEADER-COPY":"Connect","TILE-3":{"PARA":"Keep your background up-to-date date ","HEADER ": " Update"},"TILE-2":{"PARA":"Let recruiters contact you for new job openings","HEADER":"Connect"},"TILE -1" :{"PARA":"Create a profile of your candidate","HEADER":"Create"}},"HERO":{"LINK-TEXT-5":"Click here.","BG-IMG " :" /prod /template-contemporary/assets/LP-SKU-A2-HERO-IMG-en-us-1570646036570.jpg","LINK-PARA-2":"Or add your resume","LINK-PARA-3" :" Already a member?","LINK-TEXT-2":"Join via Email","LINK-TEXT-1":"Join via Linkedin" ," UPLOAD-TEXT":"Upload","HEADER" : "Let iCIMS find you a job","LINK-TEXT-4":"Upload","LINK-TEXT-3":"Dropbox"," PARA- 2":"Or attach your CV","PARA- 1 ":"Join the community of job seekers and recruiters with Candidate Connect.","JOIN_EMAIL_TEXT":"Or join via email" ,"ADD_RESUME_TEXT" :"Add your resume","PARA-3":"Already a member ?" ,"DROPBOX-TEXT":"Dropbox"},"RESUME":{"ERROR":"Error loading resume" }},"PORTAL":{"CONTAINER-HEADER":"Candidate Applications"," EMPLOYMENT_HISTORY " :{"NAV_TITLE":"Employment History","JOB_DESCRIPTION":"Job Description","EMPLOYER":"Employer", " NO_EMPLOYMENT":"No employment","CONTAINER_PLACEHOLDER":{"JOB_DESCRIPTION":"Job description " ,"EMPLOYER":"Employer","JOB_TITLE":"Job title","END_DATE":"End date","CURRENT_JOB" :" Current Job?","START_DATE":"Start Date"}, "JOB_TITLE " :"Job Title","END_DATE":"End Date","CURRENT_JOB":"Current Job?","START_DATE":"Start Date"," TITLE":"Employment history"},"CREATE" :{ " ERRORS":{"FILE":"Invalid extension. Load a valid file type (.pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt, .html)"},"DIALOG":{"PROMPT":"If you leave this page, all unsaved changes will be lost.", " TITLE " :"Ignore unsaved changes?","CONFIRM":"Confirm«},"HEADER":"Create profile","BUTTONS":{"MANUAL_ENTRY":"Manual entry","UPLOAD":"Continue with upload ","NEXT":"Next","SAVE_AND_COMPLETE":"Save & Complete","CONNECT_LINKEDIN":"Connect to LinkedIn","PREVIOUS":"Previous"}},"ADD_ANOTHER":"Add another "," FREEZE_DATA_BUTTON_TEXT" :"FREEZE","HEADER":{"LOGOUT":"Log out","CAREER-STUDIO":"Career Studio","LINK-PROFILE":"My Profile","LINK-JOBS": "Jobs "} ,"SETTINGS":{"NAV_TITLE":"Settings","EMAIL_SUBSCRIPTION_STATUS":"Opt out of email communications for marketing and/or general interaction purposes.","DIALOG":{"CANCEL": "Unsubscribe ", "ATS_NOTE" :"NOTE: This action will remove your information from this portal, but not from the Applicant Tracking Service. 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","APPLY_NOW":"APPLY NOW","TITLE":"Recommended Jobs"},"APPLICATIONS":{"CONTENT_SECTION_SUBHEADER":"We've prepared these articles just for you" ,"NAV_TITLE ":"Applications" ," APPLICATIONS ":"My Apps","APPLIED_ON_DATE":"Applied: {{date}}","UPDATED_DATE":"Updated: {{date}}","BLANK ":{ "BUTTON_TEXT":"Find your perfect job " ,"CONTENT_TEXT":"You have no applications yet."},"JOB_DESCRIPTION_GOTO":"View job description","HIRING_FLOW_STEP":{"WITHDRAWN": {"TITLE":" Retired "},"NEW": { " DESCRIPTION":"We're making progress! Your application is currently being reviewed by a member of our team.","TITLE":"Request is being processed","TIMELINE":"What happens at this step?"},"REVIEWED":{"DESCRIPTION":" The HR manager has received your resume from the recruiter and they will decide if you are eligible for a phone or face-to-face interview.","TITLE":"Application is being reviewed","TIMELINE":"What happens in this step? } ," OFFER":{"DESCRIPTION":"The position is in the offer and selection process. A recruiter will contact you to update you on the current status and discuss next steps.", "TITLE": "Offer" , TIMELINE" :"What happens in this step?"},"INCOMPLETE":{"DESCRIPTION" :"Your request is incomplete. Review your application to complete it.","TITLE":"Application is incomplete","TIMELINE ": "What happens in this step?"},"SECOND_INTERVIEW":{"DESCRIPTION":"You are in the interview phase with key figures in the department. Feedback will be shared by the recruiter and/or hiring manager.", "TITLE": "Interview","TIMELINE":"What happens in this step?"},"HIRED":{"DESCRIPTION":"We're sorry, but it seems that this vacancy is no longer available or does not exist please clickHereto look for a new job.","TITLE":"Retired","TIMELINE":"What happens in this step?"},"REJECTED":{"DESCRIPTION":"You have this application from the recruitment deleted process. ","TITLE":"Application withdrawn","TIMELINE":"What happens in this step?"},"2NDINTERVIEW":{"DESCRIPTION":"You've come for an interview! You will then be interviewed by the hiring manager and other team members. You can discuss your relevant experiences and ask questions to the team. We'll help you prepare.","TITLE":"Business Interviews","TIMELINE":"What happens in this step?},"RECEIVED":{"DESCRIPTION":"We've received that your application is being reviewed We have an in-house team to ensure you have submitted a complete application and meet the basic qualifications for the position.","TITLE":"Application received","TIMELINE":"What happens in this step?" },"TESTING":{ "DESCRIPTION":"Probationary employment status","TITLE":"Testing"},"PIPELINE":{"DESCRIPTION":"Your application is currently being reviewed by the system.""," TITLE ": " Applying" ,"TIMELINE":"What happens in this step?"},"1STINTERVIEW":{"DESCRIPTION":"The interview team reviews all candidates to collectively select the ideal candidate for the position on offer .","TIME ":"Typically takes 2 weeks","TITLE":"Talent Acquisition Review","TIMELINE":"What happens in this step?"},"FIRST_INTERVIEW" :{"DESCRIPTION": " Recruiter assigned to this role assessment, your application and resume will be reviewed to determine a match. I may try to contact you by phone or email with additional questions.","TITLE":"Recruit Screening","TIMELINE":"What happens in this step?}}," REJECTED":{ "DESCRIPTION":"Sorry, you are no longer considered or have withdrawn your application. We encourage you to explore other options with us.","TITLE":"No longer considered","TIME ":"What is happening at this step?"}} } ,"LABEL":{"DATA_LOADING":"Loading data"},"REMOVE":"Remove","LOGIN":{"HEADER":"Log in to access your apps and more " },"LOGOS" :{ "DESTINATION":"https://www","HEALTHSOUTH":" -LOGOS.HEALTHSOUTH -en-us- 1523300402626.png","MOUNTSINAI":""} ,"SAVE" :"Save", "CERTIFICATES ":{"NAV_TITLE":"Certifications" ,"TITLE":"Certifications"},"YOUR_JOBS":"Your jobs","SKILLS" :{"NAV_TITLE":" Skills"," CONTAINER_PLACEHOLDER":{" TYPE_SELECT" :"Select Type"},"TITLE" :"Skills"},"SAVED_JOBS":{"NAV_TITLE":"Saved Jobs","EMPTY_TEXT ":"No jobs saved" ,"TITLE" :"Saved Jobs" }, "CONTAINER-NAV-2":"Archive Applications","LOGO_URL":"https://{{}}.","CONTAINER-NAV-3":"Incomplete Applications","CREATE_PROFILE":{"VALIDATION_ERROR": "You must answer all required questions to save this page."},"EDUCATION_HISTORY":{ " NAV_TITLE ":"Education History","CONTAINER_PLACEHOLDER":{"SCHOOL ":"School","MAJOR":"Major","END_DATE":"End Date","START_DATE":"Start Date","CURRENT" : " Currently present? "YOUR_RESUME":"Your resume","HERO- TITLE":"Welcome back, {{fname}}!" ,,CANCEL":"Cancel","BACK":"Back","PERSONAL_INFORMATION":{ "NAV_TITLE ":"Personal Information","PHONE_TYPES":{"HOME":"Home","MOBILE":"Mobile "},"CONTAINER_PLACEHOLDER":{"WORK_PREFERENCE":"Preferred work location","PHONE" :"Phone ","EMAIL":"Email","LAST_NAME":"Last name","PHONE_TYPE":"Phone type " , "FIRST_NAME":"First name"},"TITLE":"Personal information"} , "SECTION_LABEL":{"APPLICATION_STEP_INFO":"Information about application steps","APPLICATION_INFO":"Information about application","PERSONAL_INFO ": " Personal Information" },"CAREERS_HOME":"Careers Home"},"NO_LOCATIONS" :"No Locations","JOBS":{"404":"","JOB_DESCRIPTION_CATEGORIES_LINK":"Categories:","COMMUTE_SEARCH_LABEL ": " Time" ,"TAGS4_LABEL":"Assignment Type","SEARCHING":"Search... ","NEW_SEARCH":"New Search","APPLY_TO_ARIA_LABEL":"Apply To","INTERN":"Intern", "HIDE_DESCRIPTION ":"Show Less","TELECOMUTE_ICON":"Home","TAGS_LINK ":" Tags","MORE_CATEGORIES":"More Categories...","CITY_HEADER":"By City","COMMUTE_MAXIMUM_TIME ": "Maximum time (minutes)","READ_MORE":"Read more","IN ":" in","SEARCH":"Search","SELECT_CITIES":"Select cities","NOT_FOUND":"I have many jobs behind the backHere.","REQID_SEARCH_CARD":"Req ID:","TAGS1_LABEL":"Work Plan","BRANDS_LINK":"Brands","CATEGORIES":"Categories","PREFERRED_TRANSPORTATION":"Preferred Transport","FILTER_EMPLOYMENT_TYPE" : { "INTERN":"Trainee","CONTRACTOR":"Contractor","FULL_TIME":"Full-time","PART_TIME":"Part-time"},"SELECTED":"You have selected"," CURRENT_LOCATION_ERROR " : "Your browser cannot find your current location.","MORE_BRANDS":"More Brands...","RECENT_SEARCH":"Recent Searches","APPLY_NOW":"Join Now","VOLUNTEER":" Volunteer " ,"POSTED " :"Posted","TAGS2_LABEL":"Department","LOCATION":"Location","JOB_ID":"Job ID","READ_MORE_ARIA_LABEL":"Read more about","DESCRIPTION_HEADER": " Job description" ,,BROWSING":"Browse Jobs","JOB_SEARCH_LABEL":"Job Search","PREVIOUS_PAGE_ARIA_LABEL":"Previous Job Search Results Page","LOCATIONS_LINK":"Locations","CATEGORIES_ARIA_LABEL": " Categories ", " BRAND_SEARCH_PLACEHOLDER ":"All brands","SEARCH_BY_OPTIONS":"Search by options","SELECT_CATEGORY":"Select category","CATEGORY":"Category","WFH":"Work from home", " TELECOMMUTE ": "Remote ","TEMPORARY":"Temporary","LOCATION_SEARCH_SELECT":"Location Search","PER_DIEM":"Diary","FILTER_TELECOMUTE":"Remote","NEXT_PAGE_ARIA_LABEL":"Next Job Search Page Results"," NEARBY_CITIES_EMPTY ": "No jobs nearby.","EMPLOYMENT_TYPE":"Work type","VIEW_LANG_RESULTS":"Change region to see more jobs in other languages","CONTRACTOR":"Contractor"," EXPAND_DESCRIPTION " : "Expand description" ,"MORE":"More","FILTER_LOCATIONS_LINK":"Locations","FILTER_STATES":"States","JOBS":"Jobs","RESULTS_SINGULAR":"Result","NORESULTS " : " No search results", "TAGS3_LABEL": "Scheduled Hours", "CATEGORY_SEARCH_PLACEHOLDER": "All Categories", "KEYWORD_SEARCH_PLACEHOLDER_CONTEMPORARY": "Find Jobs", "LOCATION_ARIA_LABEL": "Location", "LOCATION_SEARCH_PLACEHOLDER": "Try \"New Haven, CT\"" ,"STRETCH_SEARCH_LABEL":"Distance","VIEW_RESULTS":"View Results","DIDYOUMEAN":"Did you mean","ITEMS_PER_PAGE":"Items per page","RESULTS_CLOSE_TO":" These results are close","SORT_BY ":"Sort by","RECRUIT_REFER":"Refer","ALERT":{"BUTTON_TEXT":"Receiving job alerts","SUCCESS":"Your job alert has been successfully created. ”, "SETUP_LABEL " :"Set alert","SIMPLE_CANCEL":"Cancel","SIMPLE_GET_JOB_ALERT":"Job notification received","ERROR":"Sorry, our network is not responding. Please try again later.","TITLE" :"Find future jobs matching this search","CAPTCHA_ERROR":"Submit a captcha.","EMAIL_PLACEHOLDER":"Enter your email address","PRIVACY_POLICY_LINK":"/auth / 1 /privacy-policy "},"LESS_CATEGORIES":"Fewer categories...","NO_RESULTS_LOCATION":"Results at your fingertips.","BRANDS":"Brands","COMMUTE_SEARCH_MODAL_TITLE ":"Search by transport" , " MULTIPLE ":"Multiple ","SEARCH_BY_LOCATION":"Location Search","FIND":"Job Search","TITLE_A-Z":"Title Ascending","FULL_TIME":"Full Time" ,"FILTER_LOCATION_TYPE_LAT_LNG" :" No ","PART_TIME" :"Occasionally","POSTED_DATE_ARIA_LABEL":"Published","COMMUTE_SEARCH_MODAL_TITLE_EDIT":"Wish commuting","NEARBY_CITY":"Nearby Places","LESS_BRANDS": "Fewer brands. .." , " FOR":"for","JOB_DESCRIPTION_LOCATIONS_LINK":"Locations:","BRAND":"BRANDS","REFER-REWARD":"Referral Reward for this Job","CHANGE_SEARCH_BY_LOCATION": "Switch to location", " COMMUTE_SEARCH" :{"MODAL_TITLE":"Search for commutes","UPDATE_COMMUTE":"Update commutes","FROM":"From","TO_JOBS":"to jobs within", "SAVE_COMMUTE": "Save commute", " MODAL_TITLE_EDIT":"Commute wish","ROAD_TRAFFIC":"Enable traffic estimate","CANCEL":"Cancel","START_OVER":"Start over","LOCATION_TITLE":"Start location" ,"MAXIMUM_TIME ": " Maximum time (minutes)","LOCATION_ERROR":"You must select a location.","PREFERRED_MODE":"Preferred mode of transport"},"KEYWORD_SEARCH_PLACEHOLDER":"Enter a keyword or request number to search "," RELEVANCE ":" Relevance" ,"KEYWORD_SEARCH_LABEL":"Search keyword, category or job title","ARIA_LABEL":{"REFER":"Recommended for"},"DISTANCE_FROM":"Distance", "LESS": "Less" ,"SEARCH_RESULT_RANGE" :"Total Jobs","STATE_HEADER":"By State/Province","COUNTRY_LABEL":"Country","SHARE_JOB":"Share a Job","INCLUDE_TRAFFIC_ESTIMATION": "Enable Traffic Estimation "," REFER ":"View ","CATEGORY_ARIA_LABEL":"Job Category","EXPERIENCE_LEVEL":"Level of Experience","JOB_MATCHING":"Matching Job","ALL_JOBS":"All Jobs", "SELECT_JOB_LANGUAGE":"Job Opportunity - Select language","CITIES ":"Cities","SEE_JOBS_BY":"View jobs by","TAG1":"Work Schedule","USE_CURRENT_LOCATION":"Use my current location"," NO_RESULTS_MESSAGE_2":"Not OK Got did you find a job for you?Join our talent networkto receive updates on future job openings, invitations to events and opportunities.","TAGS5_LABEL":"YNHHS Application ID","CLOSE_DESCRIPTION":"Close Description","CURRENT_LOCATION":"Your Current Location","CATEGORIES_LINK" : "Categories ","TITLE_Z-A":"Title Description","SEARCH_LOCATION_LABEL":"Find Location","TAG6":"Work Remotely","COUNTRY_HEADER":"By Country","TAG4": "Location type " ," TAG3 ":"Scheduled hours","TAG2":"Department","DISTANCE_SEARCH_PLACEHOLDER":"Select a distance","RESULTS":"Results","SEARCH_LOCATIONS_LINK":"Location","CHANGE_SEARCH_BY_COMMUTE" :" Switch to Commute & Commute "," FILTER":"Filter","ALL_LOCATIONS":"All Locations","SELECT_BRANDS":"Select Brands","COMMUTE_SEARCH_LOCATION_TITLE":"Home Location","LOCATION_SEARCH_LABEL" :"Search locations" , DID_YOU_MEAN": "Did you mean ","FEATURED_JOBS":"Featured Jobs","JOB_SEARCH":"Job Search","FILTER_LOCATION_TYPE_ANY":"Yes","COMMUTE_SEARCH_SELECT":"Commuter Search" ,"MULTIPLE_LOCATIONS": "Multiple Locations:" ,,WITH":"mit","CURRENT_LOCATION_DENIED":"Your browser settings prevent us from using your current location. Please enable locations and try again.","SHOW_DESCRIPTION":"Show more","TAGS6_LABEL":"Commuting","SEARCH_BY_COMMUTE":"Search by commuting","APPLY":"Apply"," GEN_ERROR" :" General error ","NO_RESULTS_MESSAGE":"Didn't find the right job for you?Join our talent networkto receive updates on future job openings, invitations to events and opportunities.","SIMILAR_JOBS_TITLE":"Similar jobs","TITLE":"Title","SEARCH_ARIA_LABEL":"Make a search","APPEND_MORE" :"More results " } ,"APPLY":{"COMPLETE_RESUME_GOOGLE":"Your CV from Google Drive has been attached to your application.","DATE_FORMAT_1_VALIDATOR_ERROR":"Please enter a date in YYYY format.","SELECT_LIST_PLACEHOLDER":"Select.. "," INFO_PAGE":{"PLEASE_VERIFY":"A message has been sent to your email address. Follow the instructions to confirm your email address."},"COMPLETE_RESUME_TEXT":"The resume you entered has been attached to your application.","COMPLETE_RESUME_DEFAULT":"If you have uploaded a resume, it has been attached to your application . ", "SUBMIT_QUESTION_ERROR":"There was an error sending this question. Please try again.","VERIFY":{"ERROR":{"HEADER":"Verification problem","BODY":"

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What physician assistant job has the highest satisfaction? ›

The report finds 70.5 percent of PAs to be completely or mostly satisfied with their jobs—plastic surgery at 78.7 percent, and dermatology at 76.7 percent are highest, followed closely by both otolaryngology and obstetrics and gynecology at 75.4 percent, and in the 74 percent range, it's general pediatrics, orthopedic ...

What is the satisfaction rate of physician assistants? ›

In the 2021 Statistical Profile of Certified PAs by Specialty: Annual Report, 70.5% of PAs indicated they're completely or mostly satisfied with their job.

Is being a physician assistant fulfilling? ›

A career as a physician assistant can be a very fulfilling position within the healthcare industry. If you're interested in patient care and in a rewarding career that contributes to the overall well-being of your local community, it may be a good fit for you.

Which PA specialty is least stressful? ›

Least stressful specialties by burnout rate
  • Plastic surgery: 23%. ...
  • Dermatology: 32%. ...
  • Pathology: 32%. ...
  • Ophthalmology: 33%. ...
  • Orthopedics: 34%. ...
  • Emergency medicine: 45%. ...
  • Internal medicine: 46%. ...
  • Obstetrics and gynecology: 46%.
Oct 22, 2020

Which PA specialty has the least burnout? ›

Certified PAs working in dermatology reported the lowest rate of burnout (20.3%).

What is the hardest part of physician assistant school? ›

Many students report that pharmacology and the human sciences are the hardest classes in PA school. However, the difficulty of classes will vary based on the student's past experiences.

Where is the highest salary for physician assistant? ›

Alaska is the state where the highest-paid physician assistants are employed while Kentucky is the state where PAs earn the lowest salaries.
What Is The Average Salary Of A Physician Assistant?
Average Physician Assistant Salary
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
1 more row

Are PAs happier than doctors? ›

PAs and NPs experienced higher rates of career satisfaction (95 percent) compared to physicians (82 percent).

What is the biggest challenge facing physician assistants? ›

Workload is increased by documentation and administration, and workplace politics. Almost a fifth of them say they wouldn't choose to become a PA again if that were an option. Still, the survey population says the most rewarding aspect of practice is helping people and making a difference in their lives.

Is physician assistant harder than nursing? ›

Yes, in general, physician assistant school is harder than nursing school.

Is being a PA less stressful? ›

As with other medical professionals, you can expect an intense and stressful work environment as a physician assistant. This role essentially holds you responsible for your patients' lives. While you care for patients under a physician's supervision, you may still feel stressed, given the nature of the job.

What is the lowest paid physician assistant specialty? ›

The PA specialty that pays the least is adolescent medicine.
Here are some other PA specialties that pay the least and their annual salary:
  • Pediatrics: $92,194.
  • Public health: $95,323.
  • Obstetrics and gynecology: $96,244.
Mar 27, 2023

What is the lowest paid physician assistant? ›

How Much Does a Physician Assistant Make? Physician Assistants made a median salary of $121,530 in 2021. The best-paid 25% made $131,740 that year, while the lowest-paid 25% made $99,880.

Is being a PA easier than MD? ›

Is Becoming a PA Easier Than an MD? While both are certainly not easy routes, physician assistants typically spend much less time in school (12 months to three years), while MDs must complete medical school and a residency (a minimum of seven years).

What specialty do most PAs work in? ›

Some of the more common specialty areas include:
  • Family medicine.
  • General practice.
  • Internal medicine.
  • Neurology.
  • Obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN)
  • Radiology.
  • Pediatrics.
  • Surgery.

Is PA school more competitive than MD? ›

Medical schools do not have such stringent clinical experience requirements, making them less competitive in this respect. PA school admission may be less competitive from a standardized exam standpoint, as PA schools don't require the MCAT.

What is the most stressful doctor specialty? ›

Urology remains one of the more stressful medical specialties, however. In fact, the Occupational Information Network, a part of the Department of Labor, ranked urology as the most stressful job in the US.

Is PA school harder than med school? ›

In summary, while both PA school and medical school have their own unique difficulties, the requirements of the MCAT, the time required to complete med school, and the intensity of most med school programs, indicates that PA is not harder than medical school.

What are the disadvantages of being a physician assistant? ›

Cons of being a Physician Assistant
  • Long work hours. PAs may be required to see patients in the evenings, on weekends, and on holidays. ...
  • Limited opportunities for advancement. There's not much chance of a higher paying job or different duties without additional education.
  • Same work, less pay? ...
  • Physically demanding.

Can a physician assistant make $200 000? ›

Yes, you can make $200k as a PA (physician assistant).

In fact, working as a physician assistant in emergency room medicine, for example, is the highest-earning position for a PA, with an annual median salary of $205,040 a year.

Do PAs have good work life balance? ›

The PA profession embodies the possibilities of successful work-life balance. Career flexibility is a hallmark of the profession and highly valued by PAs.

What specialty should I choose as a PA? ›

Physician assistants work in specialties like family medicine, surgery, and emergency care. With high salaries and strong demand, PAs face a positive job outlook. The highest-paying PA specialties include surgery, OB-GYN, and occupational medicine.

Why do people go PA over MD? ›

PAs spend more time on patient care.

While doctors and physician assistants perform many of the same duties, PAs have a greater focus on patient care. They don't need to worry about budgets and bureaucracy, so a greater percentage of their time is taken up by the work that drew them to medicine in the first place.

Why should I be a PA instead of an MD? ›

Becoming a physician assistant allows someone to provide health care without the lengthy and strenuous education that is mandatory for a doctor. Physician assistants can examine patients, prescribe medicine, order diagnostic tests and perform a host of other duties that doctors also do, experts say.

Do PAs eventually become doctors? ›

Once you've met licensing requirements in your state, you'll have officially transitioned from physician assistant to doctor. Just note that you must keep up with continuing medical education requirements.

What is the future outlook for physician assistants? ›

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS,, anticipates that the growth in physician assistant positions will be approximately 28% in the decade 2021-2031. This growth is much faster than other occupations are experiencing over that time.

What is an interesting fact about physicians assistant? ›

PAs can order advanced imaging (MRI, CT, Ultrasound). PAs can prescribe medication. PAs are not doctors but they do hold an advanced practice medical certification. PAs are not “physician's assistants” -- they are Physician Assistants -- part of your care team.

Who is more educated a PA or RN? ›

PA: As physician assistants perform many of the same duties as doctors, they are required to obtain more education and training than compared to most RNs. Additionally, most PA programs require many hours of healthcare experience to be admitted.

Can you be a doctor after being a PA? ›

As you grow in your career as a physician assistant (PA), you may decide you're ready for a new set of responsibilities. You can take steps to continue your education and earn a Doctor of Medicine (MD) to become a medical doctor.

Is it harder to get into PA or NP school? ›

NP school is the least competitive of the three and it has the loosest requirements. Some programs require 1 to 2 years of prior nursing experience, while others don't require any. GPA isn't highlighted as a primary factor, with most GPA cutoffs around 3.0, but this isn't a hard rule.

Can you make a living as a PA? ›

Most PAs are paid an annual salary. The typical PA salary can also vary by specialty. For example, PAs with an emergency medicine specialty earn more than $200,000 per year on average.

What is the average career length of a PA? ›

Duration of a PA career was 29 years on average (range, 10-40 years). Forty-three percent of respondents retired from family/general medicine and 11% from emergency medicine. Almost all reported receiving Social Security and Medicare; most had some form of a pension.

What is the most satisfied physician specialty? ›

Dermatologists have the highest job satisfaction among 29 medical specialties, while internal medicine physicians have the lowest, according to a 2022 speciality report from Medscape.

What makes the best physician assistant? ›

The top three qualities a physician assistant can have are interpersonal, problem-solving, and soft skills, but the most important quality to consider is a PA's ability to perform their job and put the patient first.

Do PAs have good work-life balance? ›

The PA profession embodies the possibilities of successful work-life balance. Career flexibility is a hallmark of the profession and highly valued by PAs.

What is the most stressful medical specialty? ›

Note: This list includes ties.
  • Cardiology — 42 percent. ...
  • Nephrology — 40 percent. Plastic Surgery — 40 percent. ...
  • Psychiatry — 38 percent.
  • Otolaryngology — 37 percent. Orthopedics — 37 percent.
  • Oncology — 36 percent.
  • Pathology — 35 percent.
  • Dermatology — 33 percent.
  • Public health and preventive medicine — 26 percent.
Feb 21, 2022

What is the least respected medical specialty? ›

The number one least competitive specialty is family medicine with a total of 10 points. This specialty has held this spot for quite a few years now. Family medicine is the center of primary care. These are the generalists of generalists.

What is the smartest doctor specialty? ›

When society generally thinks of doctors, they are thinking of internists. They are often the smartest and most well- rounded physicians due to the breadth of knowledge they (along with family medicine physicians) often carry.

Is becoming a PA harder than a doctor? ›

Is Becoming a PA Easier Than an MD? While both are certainly not easy routes, physician assistants typically spend much less time in school (12 months to three years), while MDs must complete medical school and a residency (a minimum of seven years).

What age do most PAs retire? ›

A cadre of 625 respondents met the criteria of being retired and living; the mean age of PA retirement was 61 years (range 47-75 years). Duration of a PA career was 29 years on average (range, 10-40 years). Forty-three percent of respondents retired from family/general medicine and 11% from emergency medicine.

What is the average retirement age of PAs? ›

When will PAs retire? More than one in every seven PAs in the United States are age 55 and older, with a majority of PAs predicting they will retire by age 65. As one would assume, PAs nearing retirement are more confident in their expected age of retirement and in their preparation for retirement than those under 55.

Is PA job stressful? ›

As with other medical professionals, you can expect an intense and stressful work environment as a physician assistant. This role essentially holds you responsible for your patients' lives. While you care for patients under a physician's supervision, you may still feel stressed, given the nature of the job.

What degree do most PAs have? ›

A physician assistant degree is a master's-level degree; students must have a bachelor's degree and have completed prerequisite science courses. PA students may enter programs with health care job experience as sports trainers, medical assistants or paramedics.


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