How to use Bitfocus Companion and Stream Deck (2023)

table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. preparation
  3. Connection
  4. Using presets, commands, and variables
    1. available presets
    2. Control playlists
    3. keyword
    4. Grab templates/pages
    5. User defined variable
    6. Random hints and tips
  5. Conclusion

This How To will show you the basics of usingBitfocus Companionto control themsilly directorWell, at least a director's show. you can combine themcompanionwith himStream-DeckVonThe cat.

Untilsilly directorThe module is available with the official version of Bitfocus Companion, you can use the beta versions that can be foundon here.


We integrate the most important controls in oneadd-on module🇧🇷 You can even create your own buttons and behaviors within the plugin using the actions we provide and the variables you define. The possibilities are endless and we'll just show you some of the basics here.


you must have the latestcompanionSettings. follow the instructionsbitfocus.ioto download and installcompanion. To beSuction Cup Director Modulealready partcompanionInstallation, so you don't have to download and install anything separately. Onelgato Stream-Deckis optional, thecompanionit works without hardware. This makes it very easy to create and design your own pages and simply copy the design and settings to another machine where you are likely to have them.Stream-DeckTo set up.

If you have Stream Deck installed, make sure to close "Stream Deck Software/Application"; otherwise, the Stream Deck application will replace the dashboard and you will not see the Companion. Or choose the option to use the plugin on your streaming platform when opening the WebGUI for the first time

Make sure you start thesilly directorand activate theControl via web socketwhat can be foundTools->Options:

How to use Bitfocus Companion and Stream Deck (1)


First, we want to establish a connection between thecompanionysilly director🇧🇷 To do this, we need to create a connection incompanion🇧🇷 start itBitfocus companion appyclickLaunch the graphical user interface.

How to use Bitfocus Companion and Stream Deck (2)

In the GUI, which should open in a browser, select andclickTo dielinksTab In it you will find a tab called+ add connectionto the right with asearch boxIn between. He writessuckeron themsearch boxand will show theTechnical Director at VentuzModule.clickthe RedAddbutton in front of the result to create a new connection for thesilly director.

How to use Bitfocus Companion and Stream Deck (3)

How to use Bitfocus Companion and Stream Deck (4)

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To beModuleappears on the left in the module list - it is labeledsucker, if you want to easily change or edit any propertyclickthe RedTO EDITButton. By default, thedestination IPis set to127.0.0.1/installation host🇧🇷 If you want to control another machine than the local one, you need to configure itdestination IPnow.

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clickthe little question mark?) just behind thesuckerlabel for a list of commands available to control thesilly director.

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Using presets, commands, and variables

let's use thosepresetWe ship withSuction Cup Director Moduleand take our handscommands-yVariablesin the following examples.

As mentioned above, you can get a list of availablecommandsVonclickto die (?) besidemodule name🇧🇷 They are useful when you want to create buttons manually from thecompanion app.

We want to create something new.Chavesbased on ourpreset-clicklabeled tabChavesto view and editpagesfrom toStream-DeckWithincompanion.

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available presets

The easiest way to use thisSuction Cup Director ModuleIt is one of those that must be usedpresetwe ship with it.

The defaults are:

wearThis selects articles based on a channel index
recoverThis takes the actual called element and redeploys it based on a channel index
keywordCue is an element based on model data, URI, model display name or page display name; a channel index can be assigned
received on airCall the article that is actually on the air
clearDelete channel based on channel index
removerRemove the article according to the channel index.
withdraw the ransomTake out the real item in the air and save it
restart playlistIt just starts at the beginning of the playlist based on the channel index
activate playlistActivate/display an element based on index, template data, URI, template display name or page display name; channel index can be assigned
run macroRun a custom macro based on ID or name
Fensterset DesignEnable custom window layout based on index or name

Control playlists

Let's control our playlistIce hockey example for managerjust using theSuction cup director presets🇧🇷 open thissilly directorand starts theice hockey samplewith local topology:

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To rememberEnable control via websocket- as we had to do in thepreparation🇧🇷 navigate toaccompanying GUIand find themChavesSide. You'll find one on the right.eyelashcalledpreset,clickTo dieVentuz Tecnologia: DirectorModule defaults:

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How to use Bitfocus Companion and Stream Deck (9)

afterclick Director remoting commands:

How to use Bitfocus Companion and Stream Deck (10)

You will be presented with a list of availablepreset- that already appear and look like buttons. you can easilypull and releasethese buttons on the buttons page.

Forpull and releaseTo dieactivate playlistto our complementary page 1:

How to use Bitfocus Companion and Stream Deck (11)

You will notice that the button will turn red immediately, because we can also getOpinionfromsilly director🇧🇷 We actually have 3 predefined visual colors/comments:

How to use Bitfocus Companion and Stream Deck (12) Unable to perform action: there may be a missing argument such as index, channel or name
How to use Bitfocus Companion and Stream Deck (13) Action being processed: can occur during a signal while the model is being loaded
How to use Bitfocus Companion and Stream Deck (14) Action can be triggered or was successful

In our case foractivate playlistThe follower must have valid comments. Sinceactivate playlistTo set an item as active in our playlist, we need to define which item should be activated when the button is pressed.

Select the latest creationactivate playlistbutton and place onpress actionsymessage backProIndexa value of3.

How to use Bitfocus Companion and Stream Deck (15)

now heactivate playlistThe button turns green because it is also receiving correct feedback from thesilly director🇧🇷 you can use one tooID, name or display nameto activate a specific model. The available properties change depending on the button/preset type. We also leave it for indexto the standard0- Now you will use the playlist tocanal 0🇧🇷 Changing this to a different value activates the model for a different channel (Ventuz channel 1 starts with 0).

Press the newly created and configured button and note that template #4 in the current playlist is selected and called out:

How to use Bitfocus Companion and Stream Deck (16)

(Video) Companion Overview and Setup - Part 1 of 2

Again, remember that the index starts with0so index3it is actually the fourth model on our list. To select and retrieve the first template would have to be our index0

You can do the same withrestart playlistand many other actions.


Cueing can also be done with one of thePresets for the Ventuz Director module🇧🇷 Onlypull and releasethe template labeledkeywordin one of the empty button slots. Select this newly added button and change the properties on the right side of thecompanion.

Make sure you apply the changes you made to bothpress actionsymessage back.

We can invoke a model or page using themodel data,URI,Model display nameoPage display name.

Grab templates/pages

How do we create a button foractivate playlistthat activates a specific model, and akeywordbutton, we would likeWearthe actual signal model.

To do this, simply select a different button slot on the companion and select it.pull and releaseTo diewearbutton in the slot. We don't need to define as many action values, except thosechannel indexfor which channel the input model should be used.

just change thosechannel indexto be0🇧🇷 This goeswearthe template with keys. It doesn't matter if you use the createdactivate playlistor manually point to a template or page, or otherwise... Since something has been indicated on channel 0, you can now use the buttonweares.

User defined variable

let's use auser-defined variableand make the playlist skip two steps by pressing the corresponding button on thecompanionoStream-Deck.

certify yourself of youChavesSelected guide andclickTo die$ variablesGuide on the right:

How to use Bitfocus Companion and Stream Deck (17)

To becustom variablesit should appear and just create a custom variable with the nameplaylist counter-click Addand the newly created custom variable should appear in the variable list:

How to use Bitfocus Companion and Stream Deck (18)

(Video) Using the Streamdeck with Companion (Part 2 of 2)

clickan empty button slot and let's create new actions for the selected button by typingclickTo dieedit buttonguide to the right andclick normal button🇧🇷 You can add a description to this button in thetext buttonfield likepolishes 2 models.Now we addpress actions-clickon them+ Add down/power action keyand find thembuilt-in: define a custom variable expressionPlot. notUser defined variablewe entered the fieldplaylist counterit's himExpressionyou must read$(interno:custom_playlist_counter)+2.

Add another action, but this timesugar-dir: Playlist: On. To beIndexthe field must read$(interno:custom_playlist_counter).

How to use Bitfocus Companion and Stream Deck (19)

We can add an action tomessage backand add thoseventuz-dir: Playlist: let it on. To beIndexthe field is also read$(interno:custom_playlist_counter).

How to use Bitfocus Companion and Stream Deck (20)

You can now skip two playlist items by pressing our newly created button. When changing the+2on themExpressionfield, would you jumpxafter.

Random hints and tips

You can put complete model data in the diemodel dataInput field as shown in the screenshot below.

How to use Bitfocus Companion and Stream Deck (21)

There is an override for ignoring applied channel rulessilly director🇧🇷 Just use checkbox and set itIgnore channel rules:

How to use Bitfocus Companion and Stream Deck (22)


Bitfocus Companion can be a very powerful plugin for this.silly directorto control a show or itsilly directoryourself. So you've just scratched the surface of what's possible with the combination of BitFocus Companion and this one.silly director🇧🇷 Be sure to check the companion site regularly for updates as the tool is open source and anyone can contribute. That way you can contribute your own presets.

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How do I set up a Stream Deck with my companion? ›

In the 'More actions' section of the Stream Deck application, search for 'Companion'. Installing this will give you a new profile with predefined Companion buttons. Launching Companion on your system will automatically show the familiar Companion button layout right within that profile.

Can you use multiple stream decks with companion? ›

Yes. Any combination of Stream Deck devices can be used at the same time.

How do you use a multi action switch Stream Deck? ›

There are two ways to get started with a Multi Action. 1) Right-click a blank key on the canvas and select Multi Action. 2) Under the Stream Deck section, drag Multi Action to a key.

How do I use Bitfocus companion with Stream Deck? ›

Companion / Streamdeck
  1. Download an install Bitfocus Companion​ Download the latest version of BitFocus Companion on the official website. ...
  2. Install our Companion custom pages​ 2.1 Download all the latest pages​ ...
  3. Configure the Middle Control Instance​ ...
  4. Press the buttons!

How does Bitfocus companion work? ›

Bitfocus Companion enables the reasonably priced Elgato Streamdeck to be a professional shotbox surface for a huge amount of different presentation switchers, video playback software and broadcast equipment. You don't need an actual stream deck to use it.

Can you use a Stream Deck without the app? ›

Elgato Stream Deck does not require Elgato capture hardware or software to function. It is a stand alone customizable keyboard.

Can I control my Stream Deck from my phone? ›

Turn Your Phone into Stream Deck

Stream Deck Mobile brings professional stream control, powerful integrations, and the iconic Stream Deck workflow to your iPhone or Android phone. That's 15 fully customizable buttons poised to launch unlimited actions.

Is the Stream Deck more powerful than the Switch? ›

The Steam Deck has more powerful onboard components and the ability to play more triple-A games than the Switch but suffers in the battery life department as result.

Is Stream Deck better than Switch? ›

In terms of graphical performance, the Steam Deck easily beats the Switch with more up-to-date and powerful hardware. The Steam Deck's visual output is comparable to a PS4, and the console is capable of running more games at 60 frames per second than the Switch.

Can you use 2 stream decks at once? ›

You can use as many stream decks as you have available USB ports. The software is able to differentiate between multiple stream decks in use, and you can switch between them when assigning functions.

What Stream Deck do streamers use? ›

The Elgato Stream Deck—not to be confused with Valve's Steam Deck—is an incredibly popular tool for Twitch streamers. It lets you automate basic tasks—like switching scenes and going live—but that same platform is useful even if you don't play games for an audience.

How do you use Stream Deck as HotKeys? ›

How to Set Up Hotkeys with Stream Deck
  1. Open up Stream Deck.
  2. On the Manage Webinar dashboard, click to the HotKeys section.
  3. Within Stream Deck, on the right hand side, scroll down to System.
  4. Locate HotKey, then click and drag the HotKey to a square.
  5. Assign the HotKey with a HotKey in BigMarker.
Sep 12, 2022

How do I connect my Stream Deck to voice mod? ›

  1. Search the Elgato Stream Deck app for the Voicemod tools panel.
  2. Drag and drop the voices you want to use: either from the Voicemod collection or created by you in the Voice Maker.
  3. Choose the shortcuts to the functions: Voice Changer On / Off, Mute, Ambient Effects…

Why use Bitfocus companion? ›

Sponsor bitfocus/companion

Bitfocus Companion enables the reasonably priced Elgato Streamdeck to be a professional shotbox surface for an increasing amount of different presentation switchers, video playback software and broadcast equipment.

How does the app companion work? ›

The Companion app tracks you as you head home, asking you if you're “OK” from time to time. If you don't acknowledge the prompt by tapping a button, the app will notify your companion that you could be in trouble.

What all does companion app do? ›

Both students and adults can benefit from companion apps.
What Does a Companion App Do?
  • Wake up with an alarm.
  • Check the calendar to see if you work today.
  • Get alerted about today's weather and find out you might need an umbrella.
  • Be reminded to take your morning meds.
  • Use the integrated navigation to get to your new job.
Oct 1, 2017

What does Ctrl F do in OBS? ›

Source Hotkeys
Center source horizontal and verticalCtrl + C
Move source to Top of listCtrl + Home
Move source to Bottom of listCtrl + End
Fit source to screenCtrl + F
Reset size of SourceCtrl + R
10 more rows

Can you have 2 cameras on OBS? ›

OBS supports multiple camera sources natively. These sources (up to 8 of them) can easily be monitored via the Multiview feature. Multiview also makes it easy to transition to any of them with a single click.

What does Ctrl Z do in OBS? ›

Add the abilities Ctrl + Z (Undo) and Ctrl + Y (Redo) · OBS Studio Ideas and Suggestions.

How does Stream Deck app work? ›

The device plugs into your computer, usually via USB, and once dedicated software is loaded onto it, allows you to program all of the buttons to execute whatever commands you like. A large majority feature LCD keys which conveniently eliminates the need to memorize the shortcuts you've set for each key.

How do I add a device to Stream Deck app? ›

1) Open the Stream Deck software and click on the devices drop down menu. From there, select Add Mobile Device. A window will appear with a QR code. A QR Code will be displayed in the Stream Deck software.

How do I access my Stream Deck icons? ›

Elgato Stream Deck — Using Icon packs
  1. Open the Stream Deck Store.
  2. On the left side of the Store click on Icons.
  3. This will open the Icons tab.
  4. Searching for icon packs can be done by: ...
  5. To preview an Icon pack and the icons it contains, clicks on the icon pack.

How do I access Stream Deck? ›

To stream a game from your PC to your Steam Deck, open the game from your library on the Steam Deck, tap the down arrow next to the install button, and select your PC from the list. The install button will change to a stream button, which you can tap to start playing.


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