How to easily turn on TV without remote control with Android TV? | (2023)

How to easily turn on TV without remote control with Android TV? | (1)

Can't find your Android TV remote, is it not working properly or do you urgently need to watch a program, but the remote is currently unavailable? In such cases, you can still operate it without using the remote control. Today in this article, we have shared several ways to control your Android TV without a remote. In addition, you will learn how to change the default Android TV launcher.

Let's start now.

How to turn on the TV without a remote control?

How to turn on the TV without a remote control? The power buttons (joystick) on most televisions are located in the center, on the right or left side of the device. To turn on the TV, hold the button for a second after you find it. Use the same button to turn off the TV.

However, you can turn on your TV in several ways without a remote control. Continue reading this article to see all the possibilities.

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How do you turn on a Smart TV without a remote control?

To use Android TV without a remote, you must follow the same steps, but there may be some differences. Read on for more information.

Use the power button on the smart TV to turn it on if the remote control is missing, the batteries are empty or the remote control is broken.

The button is usually located on the back of the frame between the screens.

Unlike conventional, non-smart TVs, smart TVs often lack buttons on the front to provide a clearer front.

The position of the power button may differ depending on the TV brand. Just pay attention to the location.

Press and hold the power button on the TV for a few seconds to turn on your smart TV. Usage

Samsung Smart-tv

Look for the red LED light below the screen to locate the power button on your Samsung Smart TV.

Press the button just below the light to turn on your device.

Press the menu button again to exit the menu and switch off the device. To access the menu, including the option to turn off the TV, press the button again.

After making the correct selection, press and hold the power button until the TV turns off.

The on/off button on your Samsung TV is also located under the front panel, in the middle or on the side.

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LG Smart-tv

The method or steps to turn on LG Smart TV without remote control is very similar to other TV brands.

Look for the power button behind the bezel on the bottom or side of your LG TV.

Pressing the button after turning on the TV activates various control options, just like Samsung and other TVs. Includes inputs, volume up/down, channel up/down and power button.

Sony smart-tv

Like any other TV brand, Sony smart TVs have unique buttons or special ways to turn them on, depending on the model.

In other words, the button can be placed on the side, bottom, left or right of the panel. etc.

The TV cannot be turned on or off by pressing the button. Instead (as intended) you would see a menu of alternatives containing a power option.

Instructions for using the buttons are similar to those of other TVs.

In addition, the back of your Sony TV may have a three button layout (power, plus and minus). You switch the TV on or off by briefly holding down the middle button.

How do I turn on the TV without a remote or power button?

With no remote or power button, here are the best ways to turn on your TV:

  • Use the joystick.
  • Use the smartphone app.
  • Use a game console.
  • Unplug and plug back in (for older TV models).
  • Buy a universal remote.

Each model has different methods. In this post, we present some of the most popular brands.

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Navigate your Smart TV using the smartphone app

As mentioned earlier, you can also use an app or feature built into your smartphone as a makeshift remote control.

In fact, most smart TV manufacturers have exclusive apps that connect their TV to a smartphone.

IR (infrared), Bluetooth or WiFi connection is used to control these remote TV applications. Make sure that your smartphone's infrared sensor is not blocked when it detects objects using this technology.

These obstacles are negligible for remote TV applications based on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Plus, you don't have to hold your phone next to the TV to make changes.

Launch the app, select your TV model from the list, sync your TV and phone and start playing to use your phone as a remote control.

Please note that the TV Remote Phone app cannot turn on your TV. The Remote TV app only counts after you manually connect and turn on the TV.

Samsung's Smart View software allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control in the following ways:

Smart View is useful even if the video is several years old. For the connection to work, make sure your Samsung Smart TV and smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

With the LG TV Plus app, LG also offers its own ways to wirelessly connect its TVs to mobile devices. The latest smart TV app may not work on some older LG TVs. However, it would work with an earlier version of the program.

Sony's own Remote TV app for mobile phones is Video & TV SideView: Remote App. A remote control app is also available in the App Store.

You can also use the universal TV remote control app with your Samsung, Sony, LG or other brands.

And if you're using a Roku, Fire TV, or other streaming device, use the remotes that came with those devices.

Turn on the TV with a video game console

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are the three largest game console manufacturers in the world. One of the most popular uses for televisions today is gaming. Knowing how many people play games must have prompted these manufacturers to allow users to turn the TV on and off from the console.

In general, if you want to switch on your TV through a video game console, make sure that your TV supports HDMI-CEC and that you have enabled it in your TV settings.

HDMI-CEC setting on MY LG TV
The HDMI-CEC setting often appears in the Connection >> General, Sound, or Display options. Now that you've confirmed that your TV supports HDMI-CEC and is enabled, let's see how you can use any manufacturer's console to power your TV.

Temporarily use the buttons on the TV

Whether your smart TV's hardware buttons provide basic or full control, they should never be your primary way of interacting with your TV.

Every piece of hardware has an expiration date. They lose their function or break down after a certain period of use and wear. You can get a replacement remote control if the buttons on the TV remote control break or become permanently stuck in their slots.

But repairing or replacing TV hardware keys involves a lot of work. If these buttons are needed to control the TV, you will have to buy a new TV, which will no doubt be much more expensive than buying a new remote.

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Switching the smart TV on and off or navigating the other functions without a remote control is not impossible. Every TV has hardware buttons for essential functions.

And since these buttons aren't optional, even the latest ultra-thin-bezel smart TVs can't do without them and are usually placed behind the panel.

In addition, the remote control is a convenience that people are used to operating the TV without turning their head.

While your smart TV's hardware buttons control your ship, sooner or later you'll need a remote control.
Fortunately, replacement remotes are cheap and easily available if you've lost or damaged your current remote and need to use the buttons to turn on the TV.

Not to mention, your smartphone and companion TV remote control app can also come to your rescue.

We've come to the end and answered all your questions. If this article helped you, let us know in the comments.


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