How to ask your boss to work from home (2023)

Being asked to work from home can be a challenging experience. Maybe you're the first in your company or team to ask, or maybe you have a boss who has never worked with a remote worker before. Whatever your case, here are some steps you need to take to ensure you can work from home while benefiting your business.

How to ask your boss to work from home (1)

How to ask your boss to work from home

  1. Before you ask, consider why you want to work from home.
  2. Think about the benefits to your team first, and then to yourself.
  3. Slowly move from home to work.
  4. Document what you achieve in your practice run.
  5. Gather facts about others in your field to support your argument.
  6. Express your concern correctly.

1. Before you ask, think about itwhyYou want to work from home.

While we'd all like to stay at home rather than travel or deal with the inconveniences of work, working from home isn't always necessary. Sure, you might be more comfortable in sweatpants at home, but that doesn't necessarily mean you should switch from your full-time job to working remotely.

However, it may be better to work from home for a few reasons. Maybe your productivity will drop when you come into the office. Or you have a terrible commute that leaves you less time in the day to get work done. Even a storm could block the road to the office.

Whatever it is, think about whether it's something that working from home could help avoid. If you have valid reasons beyond just feeling happier on the couch, you should move on to step two.

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2. Think about the benefits to your team first, then yourself.

This may seem counterproductive, but it pays off when it comes to being able to work from home. Organizations and teams will fear change. From their point of view, if everyone in the office is doing well, any change will only make things worse. You may be concerned about reduced productivity, less control over employees, and loss of team camaraderie.

Focus the conversation on what the company gains from you working from home.

  • Does your productivity increase when you work from home?
  • Can you dedicate more hours a day to your work?
  • Do you work more effectively with your teammates when you are more relaxed and engaged in your work?

Once you discover the business benefits, you can start thinking about how to put these effects into practice.

3. Slowly move from home to work.

Before you ask your boss to try this full-time, you need to jump into the action with ease. Demonstrate a test case to your team to show the business benefits. Ask if you can try it on a day off or on a day you're sick. It may take a few questions to say yes, so don't be discouraged if it doesn't work the first time. All you need is a chance to prove yourself here.

4. Document what you have achieved in your practice.

It is important to provide as much information as possible so that you have the best chance of admission. Keep track of all the key metrics that you think your boss would consider important (projects completed, hours worked, clients served, etc.) and write them down. Let them know what you find and then ask if you could start doing it once a week or what works best for them.

5. Gather facts about others in your field to support your argument.

Find out what others in your industry or job are doing when it comes to working from home. Use external data reports such asremote work statusfor insights into frequency of remote work, productivity and employee satisfaction. They're great resources to back your arguments and show your boss that your interest in working from home isn't an unreasonable request.

6. Formulate your request correctly.

Once you've collected the data on your results and tested the test runs, you need to take a leap of faith. Gather your information and give it as reasons why you should be able to work from home. Depending on how often you attempt to work from home, you'll have varying degrees of support for your argument.

Frame the conversation so the company knows what's in it for them if they switch to a specific work-from-home plan (using the data you've collected). Then talk about how others in the industry are performing and whether it's common for them to work remotely occasionally or full-time. Finally, discuss the steps you will take to avoid misunderstandings and stay current with your work. Backup plans show you're willing to go the extra mile and exceed expectations when working from home.

Work From Home Application: Email Templates and Slack

Along with the demand to make working from home a more integral part of your work style, there are times when working from home makes more sense than commuting to the office. These situations can be challenging as you find it difficult to get to the office but it may be different from your usual routine. Here are some templates for asking your boss to work from home under certain circumstances.

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If you are sick

Free day:

Hello Team,

I don't feel 100% and I think I have [Disease X]. I'll take the day off to rest and keep him from running around the office. I update my status when I'm online and take breaks from work. If you have any questions, please contact me via Slack and I'll get back to you the next time I'm online. Thank you very much!


Hello Team,

I'm starting to get [Disease X] and I'm taking it off today to rest and prevent it from hitting all of you. If you have any questions, please email me and I'll get back to you as soon as I'm online. If something is urgent, I'll let [colleague/employee's name] know they can take care of it.


[Your name]

in bad weather

Free day:

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Hi Guys,

This storm will make it too dangerous for me to go to the office today so I will be working from home until it passes. I will be available via Slack, email and video calls, so nothing should differ from the regular office. If I lose power or can't work for other reasons, I will let everyone know. Thank you very much!


Hello Team,

This storm will make it difficult and dangerous for me to get into the office today, so I plan to work from home. I will be available via email and video conference, so nothing should be different than my presence in the office. If you have any questions let me know.


[Your name]

To attend an appointment

Free day:

Hi Guys,

(Video) 5 things you need to know to convince your boss to work remotely [Full Guide] - Running Remote

I have an appointment I need to keep that will be from [Time X] to [Time Y]. After that, I plan to work from home to maximize the time I can work without commuting. I've updated my calendar to reflect this and will check Slack for anything that pops up in the meantime. Then you can meet me online at [time Z]. If anything changes, I'll let everyone know. Thanks for being flexible with me here!


Hello Team,

I have an appointment this morning from [Time X] to [Time Y] that I need to cancel. After that, I plan to work from home the rest of the day to maximize work time without having to commute. I've also updated my calendar to reflect this change. I'll keep you all updated if anything changes, but I'll be available via video conference and email for the rest of the day. If you have any questions let me know.


[Your name]

Use these templates to save time and get an idea of ​​what to include when asking your boss to work from home! Now that you've found yourself working from home more often, here are some tipsHow to avoid loneliness when working remotely.

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