How to apply to work from home permanently and get what you want (2023)

How to apply to work from home permanently and get what you want (1)

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Many of us had to suddenly switch to remote work at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. And a significant number want it to stay that way, even if going back to the office is an option. On1 in 4 workersShe wants to stay away completely, according to a March survey of more than 1,000 American workers currently working from home due to the pandemic.

Some people are even willing to bet their work on it. According to, 42% of workers said they will start looking for work when the company ends its remote work policyregulatory researchof 2,000 US adults who were able to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Some jobs are better done in person, but for office workers who have already proven they can work well from home, now might be a good time to make the most of the remote experience.

“Working from home used to be considered a rare and sought-after extra. Make a case for working remotely full time with your manager and HR. "But now that the majority of office workers have demonstrated that they can work from home and still be as productive as before, if not more so, the situation has changed and companies are much more open to this discussion... But." You still have to build your proposal as it's not an automatic yes in most companies."

Here are some things to keep in mind when creating and presenting your case:

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If necessary, research your company's remote policies.

Your company may already have a telecommuting policy. In this case, Cote suggested involving her company's HR department to see how flexible they would be with a constant remote request.

Cote said you should ask if remote work is viable for your role from a business perspective. Other questions: “Will they let you move anywhere or only where they already have an established legal entity? Do you adjust your salary to the cost of living in this location? ... Do you pay for your travel to and from your home base to each corporate center for important meetings, or will you pay for it yourself?

This will give you a better idea of ​​what a long-distance permanent move would mean for your professional and financial development.

Before convincing others, make sure this is the best move for you.

Be realistic about the day-to-day challenges you might face when going remote, especially if you're the only one on your team doing it.

"Have you considered the time difference and is this really working for you?" Cote said. "Is your company likely to forget to recognize and reward remote workers, or do they get the same attention and opportunities they get in the office?"

Find out what is most important to the company and use that language in your application.

Once you've done your homework, it's time to present your case to decision makers, such as your boss or department head.

Remember, you need to make a business case, not a personal argument about how working from your couch will personally benefit you. Lara Hogan, leadership coach and author of "resilient management,He said remote search workers need to figure out what's important to their leaders right now. "It's probably not the health of the team," he said. "Probably it's about profit, or probably moving this project forward."

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This is crucial to creating a compelling case for allowing you to work from home for the long term. “This is a change management job: understanding what's important to this person and framing what I want to see in those terms,” Hogan said.

Hogan gave the fictional example of a deadline for a major corporate initiative called "Project Zebra" that we hear about repeatedly in general and team meetings. This is a sign that you need to frame your mobile application around “Project Zebra”.

In that scenario, Hogan said, you could say something like, "Thinking about productivity, any kind of change in the way we're working together right now will affect this deadline... It will create more uncertainty." more unpredictability".

Plant it as an experiment, not a forever change.

Saying you want to work from home "permanently" or "forever" can deter executives who are already afraid to let people work from home longer than necessary.

"Suggest a trial period... It gives your manager the peace of mind of knowing that if the solution doesn't work, he might be reelected and more likely to try."

- Tracy Cote, Director of Human Resources, StockX

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It helps bosses buy into the idea by proposing it as an experiment that can end.

"Suggest a trial period to see what working remotely is like for you, even if other team members are in the building or working on a hybrid model," suggested Cote. "It gives your manager peace of mind that if it doesn't work, the deal can be re-evaluated and he's more likely to try."

Hogan noted that it's important to make this request a viable and doable experiment, and you can do this by collecting data during the test that gives stakeholders a good sense of the decision. The probationary period should have a checkpoint tied to a natural cooling off period, such as fourth-quarter planning or year-end reviews, he said. In this record, you can share important data with your boss, such as:"In my distant time we sent X more works".

Be prepared to ask more than once.

You probably won't hear a "yes" right away.

"Negotiations like this usually take time and are a series of conversations."

- Nadia De Ala, founder of Real You Leadership

But don't see this lack of instant approval as a reason to give up. "It's a mistake not to be flexible with your manager if the response to your application isn't an immediate 'yes'," said Toni Frana, career coach at FlexJobs. "It's important to have a dialogue about the proposed deal and be prepared to negotiate your request."

As it can take a while for your application to be approved, get started now.

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"Negotiations like this often take time and are a series of conversations, and your boss may need to consult with some other stakeholders," said Nadia De Ala, founder of Real You Leadership, a group coaching program for black women. "Set yourself up for success by bringing it in as quickly as possible and seeing what's possible and what else your employer might ask you to approve."

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If the company refuses to offer full-time remote work, ask about other options, such as B. Working from home one to three days a week, De Ala said.

Make sure your performance can address concerns people often have about remote work.

According to an April report, professionals' top two concerns about remote work are the ability to maintain good relationships with colleagues and reduced productivity.survey Researchby human resources firm Robert Half.

You can address these concerns through your performance. “Before making this request, please ensure that your instant messaging is turned on during working hours, that you do not miss meetings, and that you respond to emails or calls in a timely manner. If you do it consistently, it's easy to indicate that you're going to keep doing it," Cote said.

To successfully argue, says De Ala, employees must demonstrate that working remotely is mutually beneficial and demonstrate how it truly serves employers, their goals, and the success they seek to achieve.

“Do you have evidence that you actually had more success and impact in your role while working remotely in the past year?” she said. "Gather this evidence and prepare to show it!"

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