Does a subwoofer work without speakers? (2023)

If you're trying to achieve the low frequencies that a subwoofer can produce without using (or having to use) speakers, you might be wondering how that could possibly work. After all, it looks like they're going hand in hand. This can leave you in a state of confusion.

Does a subwoofer work without speakers? Yes, with the right connection, you can get the low end of a subwoofer without using a speaker system. To do this, use a line-level RCA converter or speaker inputs with an active subwoofer. With an unpowered subwoofer, use a low frequency crossover to connect to the receiver.

Of course, there can be many different reasons why you might want to do this.

Whether you're using older gear or just trying out your new subwoofer, you can use these relatively simple hookups to get you there.

Just be sure to monitor the specific type of receiver and subwoofer you're using and don't try to connect if you're unsure if it's stable. Let's take a closer look.

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How to connect a subwoofer without speakers

As you sit at the traffic light anxiously waiting for it to turn green so you can drive to your destination, you hear low-pitched audio frequencies and reverberations from a car playing very loud bass.

You wonder how you can get the benefits of a subwoofer your way, even if you don't use speakers.

So how do you connect a subwoofer without speakers? For a powered subwoofer, use a line level RCA converter to connect the subwoofer to the receiver and choose whether or not to connect the speakers. Another option is to use speaker level inputs. For an unpowered subwoofer, use a low-frequency crossover and avoid connecting speakers.

While this may sound annoying, it really shouldn't take you a lot of time, effort, and energy to figure out how to do it.

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Connecting a subwooferno speakers means you are pairing your receiver with a stereo system that is responsible for low audio frequencies. Although it is not a speaker, it can help you get higher quality sound effects.

Let's take a look at the top three ways to connect a subwoofer without speakers.

1. Use a line level RCA converter

Does a subwoofer work without speakers? (1)

If you're using a powered subwoofer (one that has a built-in audio input and electronic amplifier), you can connect your sound system to a speakerless receiver in two ways.

The first way is to use a line level RCA converter. To do this, follow these steps:

Check the specifications of your subwoofer

Before you start working on any type of connection to sound devices, it is important to know what you are working with. In this case, you should check the connection options of your subwoofer and those of the receiver.

You should find fairly standard features including audio inputs and outputs, power options, etc. With this connection method, you connect the RCA ends (usually red and white) of the converter to the subwoofer's RCA input jack (usually a male connector on the other end of the Y-cable ).

Make sure your computer meets these specifications if you plan to use this method of connection.

Buy all the necessary equipment.

Now that you know your gear can work this way, you can go ahead and buy any gear you don't have.

Hopefully this will just be a simple purchase of a line level RCA converter. Otherwise you need the subwoofer and the receiver.

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Connect the line level RCA converter to the receiver

Now that you have all the necessary equipment (which is a short list, thankfully) you can start making the connection between your RCA line-level converter and your receiver.

Sincespeaker level outputswitch to a lower power, you can rest assured that both teams are safe.

You will likely connect the double ended Y-cable (red and white) to the speaker level inputs on your receiver. This leaves you with the single end of the Y-cable to connect to your subwoofer.

Connect the RCA line level converter to the input socket of the subwoofer

After you connect the RCA line level converter to the receiver, you need to take the single end of the Y-cable and connect it to the subwoofer. This should be fairly easy provided there is a place to make the single RCA input connection.

The RCA line level converter ensures that the audio coming from the speaker input options is at a suitable level for the subwoofer. This allows the equipment to safely receive the low-level signal.

Run a performance test

Now that you've established a connection between the two computers, it's safer to run a performance test before you start playing music or other audio out loud. You can find the best way to perform a performance test for your specific computer.

Start streaming your audio

Now you should be done. It's time to enjoy the newly connected subwoofer.

2. Use speaker level inputs

Does a subwoofer work without speakers? (2)

If you are using an active subwoofer, you can also connect your subwoofer without a speaker via a speaker input.

If you have a subwoofer with speaker level input options (instead of or in conjunction with an RCA in/out option) you can make this connection. You can even do this with other speakers, but it's not necessary (especially if you're trying to go without).

(Video) How to Connect a Subwoofer to Anything V2.0

If you are using speaker-level inputs to connect your subwoofer to a speakerless receiver, follow these steps:

Check your subwoofer

Again, you should verify that your subwoofer has the ability to make this connection before proceeding.

You should also make sure your receiver can connect this way. (But what kind of receiver doesn't have these input options?)

What you are looking for are two speaker input connectors. Instead of the cinch connection option, connect cables directly from the receiver to the subwoofer. These ports will likely be red and white.

Buy all the necessary equipment.

Luckily, you don't have to go out and buy something unique if you choose this option. You use the input cables to connect the speakers as well as the receiver and subwoofer. Since you probably already have them, they should be in good condition. And if not, at least the list is short.

Connect the subwoofer via the speaker level inputs

Now that you've sorted out all the logistics, lay the appropriate audio cable from the speaker's level input to the subwoofer.

Make sure you are pairing the correct cables appropriate for the model of receiver and subwoofer you are using and consult your owner's manual if you have any questions.

adjust your tone

Now that you're connected, it's a good idea to test again and make any necessary adjustments before proceeding with the full flow.


Once you've run a performance test and are ready to hear low frequency audio, it's time to enjoy the connection you just made.

3. Use a low-pass filter

If you're using an unpowered subwoofer (one that doesn't come with an electronic amplifier and built-in RCA jack), you can use a low-pass crossover to connect the subwoofer to the receiver without speakers.

(Video) How Speakers Make Sound

Since an unpowered subwoofer isn't that common, you might not have this problem. However, these subwoofer boxes are more popular than you might think, so knowing what to do with them is important.

In order to connect your subwoofer without a power supply to a receiver without loudspeakers via a low-pass filter, you must proceed as follows:

Check your subwoofer

Again, you need to make sure you know what you're working with. An unpowered subwoofer is the only type of subwoofer that you can use this connection method with. If your subwoofer does not have an internal electronic amplifier, you are probably using an unpowered subwoofer in an enclosure.

Buy all the necessary equipment.

If you're sure your subwoofer isn't getting power, be sure to purchase a low-frequency crossover. They should be well labeled and not too difficult to connect to your receiverSubwooferafter the purchase.

Connect the low-pass filter

If you use one low-pass crossover when you have a single voice coil, or use two low-pass crossovers when you have a double voice coil, you can connect them togetherAudiokabelfrom the receiver to the input options for the subwoofer through the crossover assembly.

The audio signal is correctly transmitted to the subwoofer so that it receives the reproduced low-frequency sound.

However, since this method cannot be used with the established connection of other speakers, you cannot connect them to the same receiver either.

Enjoy an established connection

Now that you've hooked up your receiver and subwoofer, it's time to perform a performance test and enjoy.Stream your media.

Thank you for reading! look at meRecommended subwoofers for home theater.


Can you use a subwoofer without a speaker? ›

A subwoofer is designed to only produce the deep bass that is present in most music genres for a more balanced sound (more on the different types of subwoofers in our tutorial). One key difference to keep in mind is that speakers can be used without subwoofers but you can't use subs without speakers.

Do subwoofers just play bass? ›

What is a Subwoofer? In the words of Meghan Trainor, a subwoofer is all about that bass. It's the speaker that delivers the lower frequencies – specifically 20-200 Hz – that a traditional two-channel or surround sound setup can't reproduce on its own.

Should I be able to hear subwoofer? ›

Ideally, you should never be able to hear the bass coming from the sub; it should appear to come from the speakers. Try to keep the sub within a few feet of small left front or right front speakers.

Why does subwoofer have speaker outputs? ›

Some stereo amps and preamps have a “subwoofer out” which is usually just a preamp output, meaning it's a regular full-bandwidth line-level signal that relies on the subwoofer's crossover to decide how much high-frequency information the sub will throw away, and how much low-frequency information it will keep.

Can you use a subwoofer alone? ›

These frequencies cannot be generated by traditional speaker systems, so without a subwoofer, you lose out on a significant portion of the artist's intended sound. Of course, a subwoofer is never used alone and needs to be connected to a quality speaker system to utilize its full potential truly.

How do I get only bass from my subwoofer? ›

Play music through your receiver at about one-quarter volume. Turn up the gain of the subwoofer amp until the sound from your subwoofer completely overpowers the other speakers, without distorting. Turn the gain up until it distorts, then back it off until the sound is clean again.

Is a subwoofer just a speaker? ›

A subwoofer (sub) is speaker, that is dedicated to the reproduction of low-pitched audio frequencies most commonly referred to as bass. Passive Sub: Passive subs are called passive because they need to be powered by an external amplifier or Audio/Video (A/V) receiver . This is similar to traditional speakers.

When should you not use a subwoofer? ›

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  1. Five Reasons Not to Use Subwoofers (and why they are wrong)
  2. Reason 1 – Subwoofers take up too much space.
  3. Reason2 – Subwoofers don't blend well with mains.
  4. Reason 3 – There's no music down there (20 – 80 Hz)
  5. Reason 4 – Subwoofers are hard to hook up right.
Nov 7, 2011

Can I play music through a subwoofer? ›

It's true that lesser subwoofers are not designed to optimally handle the speed, detail and nuance of certain music, but it's certainly not the rule for subwoofers in general. A great subwoofer elevates the listening experience in a way no other audio component can.

Can Neighbours hear subwoofer? ›

Bass noise from subwoofers is a common problem for neighbours because it can easily travel into their homes. You can reduce noise by: not playing music when neighbours may be asleep.

How is subwoofer supposed to sound? ›

If you're using the subwoofer in a stereo or computer system, just set the subwoofer volume so that it sounds the best from the chair you usually sit in to listen. The sound should be neither boomy nor thin. You can also change the subwoofer volume on the fly to suit whatever music or movies you're listening to.

Does subwoofer produce audio? ›

A subwoofer (or sub) is a loudspeaker designed to reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies known as bass and sub-bass, lower in frequency than those which can be (optimally) generated by a woofer.

Where does the sound from a subwoofer come from? ›

A subwoofer speaker uses large drivers called woofers to produce deeper sounds. These woofers are typically enclosed in a wood or plastic structure and look like any other speaker. The subwoofer then uses the large woofer and a built-in amplifier that powers the signal to produce deeper, cleaner bass.

How do I get sound out of my subwoofer? ›

Turn on the subwoofer. Ensure the subwoofer has not been muted. Increase the volume level on the subwoofer. Ensure the speaker settings on the stereo system or TV have been configured properly to use the subwoofer.

Should I leave my subwoofer on all the time? ›

Yes you can leave your subwoofer on all the time as long as it has an auto standby feature. Subwoofers in standby last longer & use less power. Older subwoofers that don't have this function should be turned off when not in use as electricity escapes in the form of heat, causing the amplifier to get hotter than normal.

Can a subwoofer be used without an amplifier? ›

Do You Need An Amplifier for Your Subwoofer? In nearly all cases, the answer is yes. Unless you have a system in your car or boat that is already powering a subwoofer, you'll need to find an amplifier that will power your sub.

Will a subwoofer work without a soundbar? ›

So, to recap, no you don't need a soundbar to go with your subwoofer.

How do you get deep bass? ›

For deep bass, you're going to want to use a low-pass filter to cut out the higher frequencies of the bass notes, and then shape it with the filter and amplitude envelopes. Using the low-pass filter cutoff, we cut the higher frequencies out. Next, played with the filter resonance to add some depth and color.

Which sound mode is best for bass? ›

Bass exists between about 20Hz and 200Hz.

Every musical note corresponds with a frequency. If you want to maximize your bass-heavy music, you need to adjust your equalizer within the 20-200Hz range by boosting the decibels (dB) in that range.

Does a subwoofer need a power source? ›

Passive subwoofers require an additional power source like a receiver or amplifier. Active subwoofers include a built-in amplifier and power source and only need to receive an audio source.

Is a woofer the same as a speaker? ›

What is the difference between Speaker and Woofer? Speaker is the overall sound reproduction system, and woofer is a part of this sound system. Speaker system is made up of parts like tweeter and woofer and even subwoofers. Woofers are designed to reproduce low sound frequencies in the range of 40 Hz to 1 KHz.

Does a subwoofer connect to speakers? ›

So instead of using those connections, we'll use the subwoofer's speaker-level, aka "high-level," inputs. Most, but not all, subwoofers have these inputs; they get connected using speaker cables to the same speaker output jacks on your receiver or amplifier that are also hooked up to your speakers.

Is it better to have a subwoofer in front or behind you? ›

Subwoofer placement in the front of the room is the most common and usually results in the best blending with the main speakers and center channel and minimizes localization effects. Bass is omni-directional.

Do you have to tell your insurance about a subwoofer? ›

Installing a new stereo and sound system alone won't invalidate your car insurance – but not telling your insurance provider about it could. The most sensible thing is to talk to your insurance provider before investing in an audio system. They'll be able to tell you if it will affect your premium.

What can damage a subwoofer? ›

When a subwoofer has been damaged, or blown to some degree, one of two things has happened: it's either received too much power or too much signal. Clipped signals are the culprit of many damaged subwoofers, as well as putting too much pressure on your subwoofer with too much power.

Can you put anything on subwoofer? ›

Avoid placing any objects on top of your subwoofer. The unit's vibrations may cause the objects to fall and get damaged.

Do you need a subwoofer with stereo speakers? ›

A subwoofer is a crucial component of a complete audio system because it delivers lower frequencies between 20 – 200 Hz, which traditional two-channel or surround sound setups can't produce on their own. In fact, subwoofers are responsible for the . 1 in a 7.1 sound system to deliver all the low-frequency effects.

How do you hook up a subwoofer without output? ›

The best way to hook up a subwoofer to an amplifier with no dedicated subwoofer out is to use a "Y" splitter cable.

Can a woofer be used as a speaker? ›

A subwoofer is a speaker. But it only plays the very lowest frequencies of sound, so all you will hear coming out of it is the extreme low end. If you are playing music, you won't hear any singing, guitars, or keys. If you are watching movies you won't hear any dialog.

Is one subwoofer enough for music? ›

One sub is enough to enjoy your favorite movie's soundtrack or musical performance, but using multiple subs adds another dimension – literally – to bass reproduction.

What's the best way to connect a subwoofer? ›

The optimal connection for a standard powered subwoofer is to use the RCA (Phono) "sub" or "woofer" line out found on home theater receivers and pre-amps. Some subwoofers offer "High Level inputs" (speaker wire connections) for use with a receiver or pre-amp without a sub RCA connection.

Which is better speaker or woofer? ›

A woofer is also a loudspeaker that can produce low-frequency sounds. However, the range of frequency is wider in comparison to a subwoofer. It ranges from 40 Hz to 2500 Hz. Therefore, it works as a specialized speaker.

Does music play out of a subwoofer? ›

Subwoofers connect to the other speakers in a full sound system. If you're playing music at home, you'll have likely connected the subwoofer to your audio receiver. When the music plays through the speakers, it'll send low-pitched sounds to the subwoofer to reproduce them effectively.

What should you hear from a subwoofer? ›

For instance, subwoofers will: Enhance the listening experience for bass-heavy music such as hip-hop, EDM, metal, or movie sounds like deep voices, explosions, and other sound effects.

Do subwoofers make music louder? ›

A more powerful subwoofer is generally preferred over a less powerful subwoofer not only as it will play louder, but because it will be able to handle lower frequencies more precisely, with much better control of the drive units in the subwoofer.


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