9 Alternatives Gitbooku (2023)

Gitbook is a secure solution that tops the list of documentation software. In the world of SaaS and physical products, solid product documentation and user guide platforms play an important role in the product management tools in use today.

GitBook is a comprehensive software documentation tool that can serve as an internal wiki, user knowledge base, and personal journaling tool.

Gitbook is a nice platform for creating open source documentation, but it's not as customizable as other documentation software on the market. Gitbook lacks essential features like categorization, collaborative comment fields, and content management features.

So what are the benefits of Gitbook?

Gitbook Editor makes it easy for you, your users, and your team to capture everything from products to APIs to internal knowledge bases. GitBook supports importing web pages or markdown files. It has a simple card structure.

Gitbook improves the efficiency of your company's documentation by enabling a relatively simple yet effective exchange of knowledge about your service or product. However, it offers an interactive approach to handling documents, even if there are some customer service issues.

While it lacks customer service and some collaboration features like B. lacks real-time collaborative editing, it excels in other areas. GitBook can be a good alternative if you're looking for a tool to consolidate all your static documents in one place.

Because of this, you will come across several Gitbook alternatives. However, for your convenience, we have compiled a list of the best options that will be available in 2022 with their benefits to help you make the right decision for your business.


9 Alternatives Gitbooku (1)

Archbeeis a fantastic knowledge management system for your employees and consumers. This solution is ideal for SaaS companies and startups as it can consolidate all of your company's information for the benefit of your employees and customers.

Archbee is one of the best Gitbooks alternatives because it allows you to create a central knowledge library for developers and other experts. This allows the technology to be used as an internal wiki, self-service tool, and technical documentation tool.

With Archbee you can:

  • Reduce information islands and improve knowledge sharing

  • Provide consumers with a support model experience

  • Eliminate the knowledge gap between employees

  • Improve developer efficiency

Archbee offers three pricing options:

  • Get Started - Basic Features for $0

  • Grow - $20 per month

  • Scaling - $60 per month

Pros and Cons of Archbee


  • Mention team members to review, share, or update knowledge

  • Use custom blocks to place information in different formats

  • Embedded comments for easier collaboration

  • Unlimited revision history


  • You have no choice but to multibrand your knowledge base

  • There are no SEO-friendly features in Archbee

  • There is no workflow approval mechanism

Tree fire

9 Alternatives Gitbooku (2)

It is not uncommon for knowledge bases to provide access to both internal and external knowledge.Bloom fireit can be a great option for companies looking to share research or groundbreaking material to create manuals, user guides, or product documentation. However, some users believe that Bloomfire's scalability is limited, partly due to the lack of connectors.

The cloud-based platform allows users to upload materials in any format, including Word documents, PDFs, videos, audio recordings, and slideshows, or generate new content directly on the platform. Bloomfire thoroughly indexes every word in every file to ensure users can easily find what they are looking for.

What is Boomfire used for?

  • Security features include data encryption, secure hosting, and multiple backup sites.

  • To increase engagement, Bloomfire has features for creating newsletters and custom lists.

  • Employees and consumers benefit from AI-driven search with recommended content.

Boomfire offers two pricing tiers:

  • Basic – $25/user/month

  • Enterprise - Demo required for pricing

BoomFire ​​pros and cons


  • Bloomfire is constantly improving its features such as the spoken word search.

  • The ability to improve the quality of the material by marking it for review.

  • AI-powered search and content tagging capabilities.


  • Bloomfire integrates with a limited number of third-party applications.


9 Alternatives Gitbooku (3)

** AlsoHallo**is a robust and robust platform for creating, managing, designing and publishing product documentation, user manuals, help desk documentation and knowledge base portals. It has collaboration features that allow users to collaborate while writing, assign tasks and mark up digital documents. User roles and permissions allow administrators to fine-tune data access. All changes in Docsie are timestamped so you can track what your users are doing and where they're making changes. Moreover, with its AI-powered Ghost Translator, Docsie enables an almost unlimited number of versions and translations, ensuring a high degree of accuracy in translating documents.

What is Docsie used for?

  • Possibilities of internal and external documentation

  • The ability to translate documentation at the touch of a button

  • Internal and external search functions for all documentation.

  • Docsie Portals can be hosted natively as part of a Docsie plan or hosted by yourself using Docsie Script.

  • It has a feedback and web analytics tool that lets you see how your customers are using your documentation

Docsie offers five pricing tiers:

  • Get started - Free

  • Startup Plus - $39 per month

  • Small teams - $79 per month

  • Business - $249 per month

  • Organization - $699 per month

Docsie pros and cons


  • Everything is marked by time

  • It has many useful integrations

  • Allows style customization

  • Easy to use once you get started

  • All documentation is dynamic and varied

  • Excellent and fast technical support

  • Docsie comes with several add-ons and accessories

  • Online documentation has a modern look and an elegant design

  • It includes helpful tools for collaborating with your team to complete documentation


  • Some minor restrictions on page design and layout.


9 Alternatives Gitbooku (4)

Freshdeskis another all-in-one solution that includes a knowledge base, help desk, user guides, and chat capabilities so you can communicate with customers across multiple channels. Powerful analytics, self-service, and an intelligent help desk can help you provide a 360-degree support experience to your customers.

With Freshdesk you can:

  • Set up a community forum where customers can ask questions and get instant answers.

  • Automate your workflow and answer customer questions faster.

  • Offer your customers 24/7 self-service support

  • Increase the efficiency of your support staff

Freshdesk offers five pricing tiers:

  • Sprout - Basic Features for $0

  • Bloom - $13.70/agent/month

  • Garden - $35.70/agent/month

  • Real Estate - $49.40/agent/month

  • Forest – $98.90/agent/month

Against Freshdeska


  • An answer bot that helps users find the right answers quickly

  • Turn agent responses into knowledge base articles

  • Deep understanding of the work of articles and agents

  • Approval system for content review process


  • There is no way to export your entire knowledge base

  • Freshdesk does not support multiple brands

  • No co-editing or internal comments


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Guruis mainly engaged in supporting companies in optimizing business documentation with in-house wiki solutions. This ensures that employees have access to the knowledge they need to perform their duties. Guru makes it easy to create, share, and modify online documentation from other sources directly on the platform, while integrating it with current workflows.

What is Guru used for?

  • Copying information directly from cards to support chat simplifies customer service.

  • Special "Knowledge Alerts" are used to alert employees to important changes to the knowledge base.

  • Guru is mainly used as internal wiki documentation.

Guru offers five pricing tiers:

  • Starter - $5/user/month

  • Builder - $10/user/month

  • Expert - $20 per user per month

For and against the Guru


  • Project management tools help integrate the knowledge base into day-to-day workflows, increasing the likelihood of knowledge capture.

  • Great for capturing knowledge while working in other online applications, using both Slack's capture feature and browser extension.


  • Viewing maps can be a chore if the database has been poorly managed for a long time or if only a few people are responsible for viewing and updating the information.

  • Limited card editing capabilities make it difficult to collaborate on documents.

  • Limited integration options


9 Alternatives Gitbooku (6)

HelpDocsis a cloud-based knowledge management system that can be used to create internal and external knowledge bases, but mainly focuses on help documentation for creating user guides and online guides. This premium option includes everything you need to provide a better self-service experience for your customers and employees. Multilingual support, complex access control systems, and dazzling customizations are available with HelpDocs, which is feature-rich and integrated. HelpDocs' quick self-service options seem very useful to customers.

You can use HelpDocs to:

  • Empower your agents to respond faster to customer inquiries

  • Give your support team a quick source of information

  • Offer your customers fast self-service assistance

  • Reduce the number of support requests

HelpDocs offers three different pricing options:

  • Starter - $39 per month

  • Pro - $79 per month

  • Growth - $169 per month

Pros and Cons of HelpDocs


  • With handmade templates, you can build your knowledge base in minutes

  • Fully changeable knowledge base styles with CSS

  • Improve the SEO capabilities of the knowledge base

  • Easy import and export of items


  • You cannot clone your knowledge base and label it differently

  • It is not possible to add internal comments to the project

  • There is no workflow approval mechanism

owl of knowledge

9 Alternatives Gitbooku (7)

owl of knowledgefocuses on internal knowledge bases, while many of the other alternatives on this list focus on external knowledge bases or customer-facing product documentation. This is a feature-rich, low-level encryption option. It is industry agnostic and offers special benefits for human resources (HR) and customer service. It helps users categorize and subcategorize information. Users can use tags to group articles based on keywords or phrases, increasing their visibility. Customers can use KnowledgeOwl to store and distribute information in the form of online manuals, manuals, portals, user guides, and software documentation. Its analytics and reporting capabilities allow users to fill knowledge gaps by analyzing user requests.

What can you do with KnowledgeOwl?

  • Customers can use KnowledgeOwl to store and distribute information in the form of online manuals, manuals, portals, user guides, and software documentation.

  • When someone adds new information to the knowledge base, webmails and Slack webmails are used for automatic notification.

  • Customizable features like content buttons and home pages make it easy to navigate quickly.

  • Users can access the knowledge base from your main website using a contextual help widget.

KnowledgeOwl offers three pricing tiers:

  • Flexible - $79 per month

  • Business - $299 per month

  • Enterprise - $999 per month

Pros and Cons of HelpDocs


  • KnowledgeOwl's many API keys and Zapier connectors make it easy to connect to other applications.

  • Users praise KnowledgeOwl's prompt customer service.

  • It has a simple, responsive user interface.


  • Users had issues with the design and asked for a more modern look to their online documentation

  • There is no free tier


9 Alternatives Gitbooku (8)

ProProfThe knowledge base platform is used to create separate private and public knowledge bases for employees and consumers who want to see product documentation and help documents. It helps reduce purchase tickets, improve internal documentation for company teams, streamline operations and improve customer service. By centralizing access to information across devices and browsers, ProProfs simplifies and streamlines information gathering for employees and consumers. ProProf offers a comprehensive suite of tools to make your company's life easier, including a learning management system, quiz builder, and real-time chat. ProProfs is popular with marketers, HR professionals and customer service teams for its suite of tools.

What can you do with ProProf?

  • Instantly translate your online documentation into other languages

  • Use an MS editor such as Word to create the documentation

  • Use 25 layout templates

ProProf offers five pricing tiers:

  • Free - Basic features for $0/20 pages

  • Professional - $13.70/100 pages per month

  • Team - $35.70/200 pages per month

  • Business - $49.40/300 pages per month

  • Enterprise – $98.90/unlimited pages/month

Za en protiv ProProf


  • The simple and easy interface allows users to quickly browse and understand the product.

  • Perfect interplay with other ProProfs products - ideal if you are already a ProProfs user.

  • A free plan with up to 20 pages is available.


  • The cost per page ranges from $0.30 to $0.50, which adds up quickly.

  • It's not as advanced as the other options on this list.


9 Alternatives Gitbooku (9)

Zendeskis a software company that specializes in helping businesses improve their customer service. While Zendesk has an in-house knowledge library, the company's primary focus is on developing a robust help ticketing system.

What can you do with Zendesk?

  • Pull knowledge base data into the chat support feature.

  • Simple user-friendly interface.

  • translation options

Zendesk pros and cons


  • ·is fully integrated with Zendesk tools, including help desk and live chat. Conversation.

  • Some elements of the knowledge base are listed below: Simple user-friendly interface.

  • · Retrieve knowledge base data in the chat support function.

  • More than 40 languages ​​have been translated into species.


  • The internal knowledge base lacks advanced functionality.

Now that you've reviewed 9 alternatives to Gitbook, it's a good idea to check your own knowledge base to see what you're looking for

Now is the time to think about the knowledge base capabilities you need for your next project. When choosing a documentation platform, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • Search Navigation Features:This can be done within the platform or by searching externally within the online documentation. A good search navigator also makes meaningful suggestions and helps you find information quickly by suggesting different places in the written content.

  • Collaboration tools:Do good collaboration tools come with editing features, collaboration features, commenting features, version control, and task assignment?

  • Beautiful UI:It should be simple, clear, yet dynamic and versatile.

  • Capabilities of password-protected documentation:Does the knowledge base tool provide security such as password protection and JWT tokens for your documentation?

  • Network analysis:Can you measure how people access and interact with your documentation?

  • Manage permissions:Can you easily control who can access or edit specific files, add a timestamp to them, and make sure you control who does what in the documentation?

  • Translation options:Is your documentation platform able to translate your documentation into different languages?

Choose the knowledge base platform that's right for you!

9 Alternatives Gitbooku (10)

Now that you know what you're looking for, it's time to choose the right option to help you highlight all the features and skills you need to create helpful documentation that's dynamic and works for your customers and/or employees.

Here's a tip: Docsie is great for all your documentation needs! It is an easy to use, yet advanced knowledge base platform. It checks all the above requirements and is suitable for internal and external documentation.

The Docsie knowledge base is fully customizable to match the look and feel of your brand.Try Docsie nowand you'll see why many companies choose Docsie as an alternative to Gitbook.


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