10 common customer service problems and how to fix them (2023)

10 common customer service problems and how to fix them (1)

Customer. Offerer. seller buyer.

They have all been around since the concept of trading began.

Fast forward to 2020.

Today everything revolves around the “age of the client”. The companies became more concerned; Some might say that they are even obsessed with the way their customers are treated.

That's right.

It only takes one bad customer experience to close for good.

For the same reason, a great customer experience can make them brand ambassadors for life.

So what is the most natural solution to ensure that your relationships with your customers improve?

Isn't the answer pretty obvious?

Better customer service with the help ofSoftware-Helpdesk.

You can have a great product and a very talented team. But the one thing most customers will likely remember is the direct interaction they had with your business.

And who is in charge of this experience? Your customer support team, of course!


Excellent customer service can be an asset to your business

The bottom line is that your customer service department is the face of the company to its customers. The experience they have is primarily a direct result of the quality and skill of the team.

Therefore, every strong company will seekHarness the power of customer service to build positive customer relationships.But if you're a proactive company, you'll keep asking yourself the questions, "What is good customer service?

The core value of excellent customer service is meeting your customers' needs and expectations through careful listening. Therefore, to avoid relationship stagnation, it is necessary to constantly look for new and innovative ways to improve the experience.

Improve customer service standards by addressing issues directly

Your customers interact with your business almost every day. Of course, your team will eventually encounter obstacles and challenges.

The success of your business depends on how smart you are with itcustomer service issues.

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Remember, if you can successfully resolve these issues, you will have earned yourself a customer for life. They will keep coming back to you, increasing sales and profits.

On the other hand, if mishandled, expect your customers to flee to the nearest competitor. And with it your recipe.

So the question remains: despite knowing the benefits of a positive customer service experience, why is it so difficult to consistently deliver it?

Everyone knows that customer service jobs are really challenging. And a problem customer is probably the icing on the cake.

doubts, doubts and complaints,you never know what comes next. Some days you might be solving a distraught client's problems, while other days it feels like a train wreck. And your task is to save it all.And end it all on a high note.

10 common customer service problems and how to solve them

Customer service is not rocket science.But if it's so simple, why don't so many companies know about it?How to solve customer service problems?

Perhaps finding and analyzing the causes of common customer service problems reported by consumers could be a step in the right direction.

Let's take a closer look at solutions that can help you improve your customer service standards.

1. When response times are long

10 common customer service problems and how to fix them (2)


When the world moves at breakneck speed, why should the customer stay on hold waiting for the agent to respond?


Today's customers expect instant communication with service departments. In fact, they too want an immediate solution to their concerns. It could be said that this is the first of the long list ofProblem with customer servicethat companies need to address.


Take a look at the reasons why this top issue is common:

  • If the company does not establish a standard set of processes and practices for the area, answer and evaluate the answers
  • If there is no responsibility on the part of the agent, if the response times really increase
  • When agents do too much manual work without proper automation
  • If the agentsthey are not trained to process multiple queries at the same time


To get back on the fast track, here's what to do:

  • Create a process that outlines the workflow of what an agent should do when receiving a customer request, and focus on handling it quickly and efficiently.
  • Make sure your agents know their roles and responsibilities and who they report to if the service doesn't work.
  • Take advantage of technology and automation that handles some of the repetitive tasks through a combination ofLecturer-Replyframed to streamline workflow
  • Allow your customers to communicate with you through multiple channels, including email, website chat, phone, social media, text messages, and allocate resources accordingly.
  • To startCreation of a knowledge baseto prepackage answers to frequently asked questions, also ensuring your service team is aligned with your service levels

Customer service issues, if left unaddressed, can be a frustrating experience for your customer. Be proactive and keep your customers informed about how you plan to resolve their issues quickly.

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2. When customer representatives don't listen carefully to customer needs

They areResolution of customer service problemsIt begins by giving due importance to listening. This is often overlooked, which can end up surprising the customer service representative with questions for which they may not have the right answer.


Maybe you don't want to be in a position where you have to listen to customer complaints. If you don't pay full attention to what the customer is saying, it will be difficult to understand what the customer needs or how to solve the problem.


You may find yourself in this situation for the following reasons:

  • If the customer finds it difficult to explain the problem due to lack of knowledge of the relevant technical terms
  • When the customer was disappointed with the product or service because it did not meet their expectations
  • When you simply don't know the answer to the question because you didn't pay attention to what the customer said


To help you provide the correct resolution, you can do the following:

  • Make sure you understand the problem, what the customer needs, andCheck the problemif necessary
  • Then sincerely apologize, because many customers are simply looking for an acknowledgment of the company's mistake.
  • If you don't have an instant fix, give it to the customer right away.
  • On the other hand, if there is a ready solution available, share it with the client immediately.

10 common customer service problems and how to fix them (3)

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AStudy published in Harvard Business Reviewreported that if a customer complaint is proactively resolved in less than 5 minutes, they will spend more on future purchases.

YOur agents need to quickly understand and analyze customer issues.

Remember that empathy also begins with active listening.You wouldn't call that idealexample of a customer service problem?

Bibliographical recommendations:Top 20 Issue Tracking Tools to Help Identify and Resolve Issues

3. When the client is transferred from one department to another

When people engage with companies and fail to meet their expectations, it's the ultimate death sentence for your reputation.


Keeping a customer transferred from one agent or department to another ensures that the customer will never return to you or your company in the future. They won't recommend you to your friends either. Which brings us to the second most common customer service problem.


Here are some of the reasons why a customer call may be transferred:

  • When the customer agent does not have a solution ready for the customer's request
  • When the representative is not the right person to solve the problem
  • When the agent feels that a manager can offer a better solution to the problem


To make sure the customer doesn't get upset, here's what you can do to defuse the situation before transferring the customer:

  • Inform the customer why you need to transfer the call to another agent, senior manager, or department
  • Explain the current situation in detail so the customer understands that it may take longer to resolve the issue.
  • Request permission to transfer the call and ask if the customer has any additional questions that need answers
  • Wait for an affirmative confirmation and then start the transfer

Note that if the call has already been transferred multiple times, the customer may be about to lose them. Try not to push him more than necessary. You want the experience to end positively.

4. When customer service representatives are rude to customers

10 common customer service problems and how to fix them (4)

This is possibly the worst case scenario for a business where the customer service representative was rude to the customer. You cannot deny that this is a difficult situation and one that is best avoided at all costs.


No matter how frustrated or shrill a customer may be when talking to a service representative, it does not give the representative the right to be rude to the customer in any way. As a rule, such situations are handled by an experienced manager.


Circumstances that could cause them to be rude to the customer include:

  • When the customer constantly questions what the agent is trying to communicate in order to defuse the situation as much as possible.
  • When the customer is rude and abusive to the agent without provocation from the agent
  • When the customer service representative has personal problems that he was unable to resolve while fielding customer calls


Following these guidelines can help you navigate even a difficult situation like this:

  • You need a team of service people with a positive attitude towards hiring people just for their experience.
  • Make sure they are empathetic to the customer's needs, no matter how badly the customer behaves or talks.
  • Invest time and effort into improving your team, especially soft skills, through ongoing training and development programs.

At the moment, tackling a critical customer service issue and resolving it may seem like a pretty far-fetched strategy. With time you will see that the effort was worth it.

5. If you cannot offer a solution to the customer

There will be times when you may not have an instant solution for the customer. Saying this to the customer can be a bit tricky, especially when you can see that the customer is already angry. But dealing with an angry customer is part of the job description, and there's no getting around it.


Customer service representatives are only human and may not be able to provide a solution to customer inquiries on first contact. If customers have to talk or call the service department multiple times, it can be tedious for them.


There can be several reasons why agents can't provide instant solutions. These include:

  • When the company first encountered this specific customer request, in that case, the solution guidelines were not described for reference.
  • If the customer service representative has not received adequate training or information about the company, its objectives, products and services
  • When the agent simply doesn't know the answer to the question because they haven't proactively kept themselves up to date with all relevant information and knowledge.


In a scenario like this, you can go through possible solution options:

  • The agent can escalate the request to a more experienced colleague or supervisor if there is no overall solution.
  • The company should send any relevant information to its customer service department and follow upjournalistic training
  • The agent must also spend time getting to know the company, its products and services, etc. only
  • Let the customer know that the issue will take some time to resolve, and promise to get back to you within a reasonable amount of time with the resolution of the query.

While this is not the ideal situation to end the call, it is common in customer service. Just make sure that the solution can meet your expectations every time you return to the client.

A very important and viable solution here can be an updateknowledge baseto which support staff should have access when they need it. This worksreduce the likelihood of inappropriate or incorrect informationpasses from agents to customers.This is fantasticCustomer Service Troubleshooting Examplethat anyone can consult.

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6. If customers can't get live humans

it isLive chat toolsor telephones, technology has made it possible to automate a significant percentage of customer service processes. While the life of a customer service representative has been greatly simplified, most customers find it really irritating to have a real human being deal with their problems.


Today's customers want to talk to people, not machines. This brings us to another key.customer service problemthis is quite common these days.


The main reasons why companies prioritize automation in their customer service processes are:

  • If the company seeksMinimize customer waiting timesand reduce friction, then automation is the obvious answer.
  • When the company wants to prioritize and assign tasks efficiently through workflow automation
  • In this case, if the company hopes to reduce resource costs, it may be beneficial to automate some of the tasks.
  • When the company is trying to target a younger demographic that is not averse to chatting with a chatbot or IVR


Here's how to avoid some pitfalls:

  • Choose the right tasks, e.g. B. repetitive tasks, resourcesself service,frequent questions,knowledge bases,etc. that can be automated with aKnowledge base softwarewhich also prevents you from alienating your customers
  • Unify your customer service channels by turning them into oneomnichannel strategyto collaborate effectively and efficiently and ensure information silos are not created
  • Automation should be done to support your human team and not replace your live agents.
  • Always ask for feedback to stay on top of changes in the customer's mind about automating their processes, be it partial or full.

Automation requires a lot of planning to ensure that you are successful in delivering the right experience to your customers. Too much can undermine the goals of good customer service. Now this seems to be the perfect example of a customer service problem and solution. You do not agree?

7. If customer service ships the wrong product or service

This situation can arise when the customer has a specific question about a product or service, or perhaps needs help deciding which is the right variant or model that best suits their needs.


Too often, customer service representatives assume a “one sizefocus type. This may result in them delivering a product or service to the customer, which will negatively affect their experience with the company.


You may find yourself in this situation for the following reasons:

  • In case of serious ignorance on the part of the agent, if he does not know the PSU of certain products or services
  • Failure of the broker to perform a competitive analysis of the buyer's needs may result in an estimate rather than an accurate evaluation.
  • The representative does not take this into accountHistory of interactions with customers., the products or services they are interested in, what they have searched for in the past, and which pages of the site they have visited most frequently

10 common customer service problems and how to fix them (5)


Here's what you need to do to get good client books:

  • Always listen carefully to the customer's requirements and then do a detailed analysis to recommend the right product or service.
  • Get complete visitor tracking to know what or where the customer navigates on your website
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest information on products and services, including features, benefits, pricing, and freebies

Your client expects instructions from you. Giving him a series of helpful tips will ensure that he steers the conversation in a positive direction. All staff must be trained so that customers receive a pleasant experience, not just a satisfying one.

10 common customer service problems and how to fix them (6)

Using a live chat software that allows you to track customer historyonce the customer says his first word, you may find it easier.live chathas a wealth of features to help you access customer information in real timeand offer solutions that inspire customers.

8. When customer service doesn't deliver on its promises

Ideally, if the customer service department cannot provide the customer with an immediate solution, the customer commits to delivering it within a set time frame. In many cases it has been observed that service employees repeatedly do not deliver what they promised to the customer.


This brings us to the next customer service problem of sales reps failing to deliver on their promises to the customer. It can be annoying if this leaves the problem unresolved.


This problem with customer service goes against the very ethics of the profession. However, there are a few reasons why this could still happen:

  • If there are no processes in place to ensure that the agent receives alerts and notifications of an open ticket in a timely manner
  • If the customer service representative does not proactively communicate information to all relevant teams that need to be involved in resolving the issue
  • When the customer service representative is just lazy and doesn't bother solving customer problems.


The following strategies can help resolve the above issues:

  • When the agent responds on time, customers feel cared for, which automatically increases customer trust and brand confidence.
  • Don't leave too much time between your last call and the follow-up, and the sooner you get in touch, the better your chances of turning an average experience into a great one.
  • If the customer contacts the service department during business hours, please call back and send the email within 24 hours.
  • Try to avoid "yes" or "no" answers when following up with the client, and instead ask more open-ended questions to get more information.

Regardless of the reason or type of follow-up, always remember to thank your customers for continuing to be loyal customers of your brand. A simple "thank you" is enough. Simplify processes with help desk software integration to ensure a great customer experience.

9. If you lack customer orientation

It's easy to lose the customer-centric culture as the company continues to expand and grow. If you fail to put the customer at the center of your business, eventually everything will fail.


10 common customer service problems and how to fix them (7)

Temkin Report on the State of Voice of Customer Programs 2017 cites that 67% of large companies rate themselves as good at advertisingcustomer score,however, only 26% think they are good at answering.

(Video) Top 10 Most Common Windows 10 Problems and How to Fix Them

This brings us to the next problem with customer service, where internal barriers drive behaviors that prevent organizations from fostering a customer-centric culture.


Check out these top reasons why customer-related issues aren't being addressed:

  • When management and senior leadership are weak, there is little to no opportunity to turn the company into a customer-focused organization, and these emotions seep deep into the customer service department as well.
  • When account managers are weak and untrained, they cannot effectively assess customer needs and expectations.
  • If there is a general lack of vision, the customer service department will never be able to excel at their job, as great customer service starts at the top.


Some of these tips can help you find the right path:

  • Strengthen communication channels between executives, mid-level and front-line teams
  • create aa more holistic view of your clients through ongoing communication, goal sharing, and connecting information and data to arrive at evidence-based decisions
  • Empower your service agents to make decisions that also drive customer growth strategies

With a focused vision and a clear path forward, it helps to tap into team members' emotional belief systems and logic to follow the narrative of a customer-centric organization.

10. When customer service is not aligned with the customer journey

A bad customer experience at any point in the customer journey can completely ruin the relationship between the customer and the company.Having a good team is not enough.The service team must be guided by the needs and desires of customers throughout the entire life cycle.


This brings us to the last problem with customer service, where companies don't pay enough attention to aligning customer service workflow with the customer lifecycle.


The main reasons are:

  • If the company does not see the importanceCustomer Journey Mappingtailored to your brand
  • When senior management doesn't understand the value of mapping customer journeys to achieve business goals
  • When management doesn't know how customer journey mapping can drive growth and drive profitability for the business


Follow these guidelines for success:

  • Move away from the inside-out perspective of the customer journey, as it is based on a skewed view
  • Focus on how current and potential customers interact with the brand through multiple touch points, including your website and social channels, outbound marketing, sales force, and customer service.
  • Don't make the mistake of ignoring all relevant participants in the customer journey, or risk turning your loyalty card into a superficial tool of little or no value.

Always base your customer attribution on surveys that help your service agents understand the customer experience from the outside in. Remember to capture the entire journey and always highlight the key moments that keep your customers on the path to purchase.


Competition in this global marketplace is fierce, and customer service issues are inevitable. And sometimes it can be quite difficult to keep up with the ever-evolving innovations that have tremendous control over the customer experience, no matter how good your business is.

It will always be excellent customer service that will keep them coming back. People want to feel special. When addressing yourcustomer service issues,You want your customers to leave the interaction not only satisfied with the outcome, but also valued, understood, and prioritized.Try adopting the above solutions and consult someone knowledgeable if necessary.Customer service toolto improve your customer service and delight your customers.

Let's read some frequently asked questions related to customer service issues and how to resolve them:

Why is customer service troubleshooting important?

Resolving customer service issues is crucial because you want your customers to be happy and satisfied. It also allows the company to identify gaps in its service and find a course of action to take corrective action.

With a positive brand image, your customers will be more than happy to recommend you to family and friends.

How do you write a problem description for a customer?

A customer issue statement primarily involves writing a detailed description of a specific issue raised by a customer that needs to be addressed by the troubleshooting team.

First, describe the current state of the customer's situation and explain the problem from the customer's point of view. Describe any possible financial implications of resolving the issue. Without evidence, it will be impossible to reach a definitive solution. Conclude by explaining the obvious benefits of adopting the resolution.

What types of customers are dissatisfied with customer service?

In general, customers who are unhappy due to poor customer service can be classified into eight types: placid, aggressive, high rollers, crafty, expressive, passive, constructive, and chronic.

What problems do customers have?

There are several common problems that customers face today.

At the top of the list is the lack of authentic information about products and services. In addition, the complex navigation to certain pages with the consequent problems when connecting to digital payments is also a nuisance. Poor customer service standards, after-sales service, and vague return policies also often cause problems for customers.

How do I resolve customer service issues?

Dealing with customer service issues is never an easy task. Although it may seem like a challenging process, remember that even the frustrated customer is looking for a solution.

The best way to deal with such situations is to listen carefully and without interrupting the problem. Acknowledge the problem and make sure you understand the concerns from the customer's perspective. Apologize, and then offer a solution if one is available.

(Video) Customer Complaints and Resolutions: 8 Common Retail Complaints

Alternatively, if the issue requires further investigation or does not have an immediate solution, raise the issue with the customer. End the conversation by thanking the customer for calling and asking if they need any further assistance.

Remember, customer service means taking the good with the bad.


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